Kitchen gifts

Okay, you know when you get this answer from your mom: “I don’t need anything, I don’t want any gifts…” and you really can’t think of anything she might LOVE for mother’s day?

Just two small ideas came to mind… potholders and a large placemat/tabletopper…. AHUM, not my favorite, dazzling gifts ever, but I know my mom loves cooking ( I love eating whatever she prepares! 🙂 ) and she really needed new potholders.

I created a large placemat to use on the outdoor table in my parent’s garden. I used a new piece of navy blue fabric I bought in Germany and quilted lots of feathers on them. The piece was about 1 meter in length.


I used a chalk pen to draw in the stems of the feathers. I was able to stick to about half of the lines, the rest I just ignored and did something else…

Look at the binding. It is awesome!

It is just so perfect!

I have tried a different sewing foot for finishing the binding. Normally I use the walking foot to stitch in the ditch the binding down. This time I tried the blind hem foot (Janome  7700 foot G) and it went well. I will show you pictures of that foot in a minute!

Just one little mishap, just one!

Okay, now for the potholders!

I used 4 layers of batting (Wow-eee!) and quilted it with a straight stitch with the walking foot.

They are really big! LOVE THAT!

I used the left over strip of binding from the table topper and found out that is was not really wide enough to encase the 4 layers of batting. (lesson learned) So there were some areas at the back that the machine did not actually catch, but hey… they are potholders and not an art quilt!

Now for the blind hem foot… This is what it looks like.

I loved using this foot for finishing the binding.  Just go slow when you reach the corners as you can not really see where the needle is.

I also tried this foot for normal stitch in the ditch, but that DID NOT WORK! The black  thing on the left is like a lever and tilts up a little bit, but it gets stuck (pins down the fabric underneath) when you go over a bulky seam. It might be possible that this particular foot may only work for binding on a smooth surface where there are no seams. (like a wholecloth) Anyway, it is perfect for simple potholders!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!



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26 thoughts on “Kitchen gifts

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever sew down the binding on a quilt by machine. I love the invisible effect of hand stitching too much! But it hasn’t ever occurred to me to use the blind hemming foot on my machine for that purpose. Maybe I’ll make myself some badly-needed new potholders, and I’ll try your tip!

    • Yes invisible bindings are really beautiful! But I guess a table topper will be washed a lot so the machine binding may be sturdier. I hope the top for the sewing foor will help!
      Bye bye

  2. It’s rea-ea-ea-eally hard to look at the binding when all those fab feathers are going on!!!! YOU ROCKED IT!!!!! They are beautiful, gorgeous, awesome…… definitely have gotten the “hang of it”!!!! LOL,LOL,LOL!!!!!! A gal after my own heart (and feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!)…..hugs…………..

    • Ha ha, you spotted the feathers now did you?! Yeah am pretty proud of those too! A while back I was trying to get the feathers “just right”, but they still felt a bit artificial to me. Now coming back to them last week they seem to flow much better, like my brain needed 4 weeks time to process the new info. Weird, but hey whatever works is fine by me!

  3. Amazing feathers and beautiful gifts!

    Thanks for the tip on the blind hemming foot. I’ve never tried it, but I think it would be perfect for these quick projects.

    • Hi Allison!
      I hope the foot will work for you! Just make sure that there is no seam to go over with that foot because it might pin down the fabric!
      Good luck!

  4. Gorgeous quilted feathers! Such a beautiful quilted fabric would make a gorgeous purse or clutch. I would even make a coat out of it.
    The binding is indeed perfect and pairs very well with the blue.

  5. I have serious feather envy over here! Your quilting is always amazing, but those feathers always make my heart go pitter-patter. And I agree completely – mothers are very hard to shop for, because a gift certificate will just not do!

    For machine binding, I love Wasn’t Quilt in a Day’s tutorial. You actually stitch on the back, then flip it to the front and topstitch, so you don’t worry about catching it all on the back, and aren’t working blind!

    • Yes, you are right, it might have been simpler to reverse the binding and sew it down on the front!!! DUH! :-0
      I was to “into” using the blind hem foot that it did not occur to me, LOL!
      I am glad to report that my mother was really happy with both gifts!
      Bye bye

  6. Your feathers are so beautiful. I really liked how they were not all exactly the same. And I never would have thought to use the blind hem foot. Very clever.

    • Hello Jasmine!
      I love that too! I also really enjoyed doing the swirls in the top of the “lobes”. I really like the areas where several feather tops come together or where one curls into itself.
      Glad to have your blog on Bloglovin too!

  7. Lovely gifts!! Your feathers are gorgeous Esther and the fabrics you used are perfect!! Your mom will probably end up displaying them instead of using them 🙂


  8. Love those feathers! Made me laugh out loud when you said you ignored some of your marked lines! Free-spirited free motion!

    Lovely gifts for your mother! My hubby gives me a hard time for the state of our hot pads as I’m always telling others that they should practice their free motion quilting by making them. Ours are in sad shape and I should make more.

  9. Wow your quilting is spectacular….I do machine stitch some bindings onto my baby quilts but I still can’t get them as neat as I like when I hand stitch?

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