Hello hello hello!

It has been another gorgeous day here!!! Everybody is wearing summer clothes… and is complaining about the heat ALREADY! LOL!

Last week my students took their national art exam (on the computer) and I have to grade their work. It always takes a lot of time to check their work and cross-reference it all. By the end of this week the exam papers will be sent to another (unfamiliar) art teacher in the country who will check my work. After that we have to come to an agreement on the grade for each student. Anyway, there will be quite some “indoor” time for me, hunched over the exam papers.

Luckily this year the exam questions contained a lot of my favorite topics so it is kind of fun to check the answers. In what exam can you go from a medieval painting on hell, to vampires in a 1922 movie, to a ballet with white spooky forest creatures chasing the woodsman to his death, to the etches of Goya on the horrors of the Napoleonic War and a holocaust monument in Berlin…???

Yep, just the art exam!!! 🙂

SCARY seems the theme of these two weeks, ha ha!

I have been asked to do some FMQ for a local quiltshop. Talk about scary!!!

I know I can do it, but it still daunting to work on somebody else’s quilt. Normally I would mark a quilt, but as this one was not to be washed I did not dare to use any marking tools.

Here are some snap shots!

Orange peel quilting in the centre squares.

Some funky design in the inner border that we derived from the patterns on the fabric…

(May or may not unpick the oval shapes in the white border… a bit too wonky.)

…and a loose feather in the last border.

The owner was very happy with the progress! The fabric is a collection by Moda called Little Black Dress. A lot of costumers of the LQS did not go for this collection until the quilt top was in the shop window. It really pulled the people in! The fabrics work so well together! I admire the designers who put this collection together. I hope this quilt can go back to the shop window soon, quilted and bound.

I also hope that this week brings more of “sunny” and a lot less of “scary”, LOL!


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11 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Natuurlijk ook even bij jou komen kijken en ik kan herhalen wat jij bij mij zei: wat heb jij een mooi blog! En wat maak jij een mooie dingen. Vooral je FMQ is waanzinnig mooi.
    groetjes, Dorien

  2. It’s a lovely fabric collection – I particularly like the one in the middle on the bottom photo; grey with black arabesques. Beautiful quilting, of course! And thank you for explaining what Nosferatu was doing creeping around on your blog…

    • You know, the Nosferatu movie clip in the exam actually made one of the student laugh out loud?! The acting is so ridiculously over the top!

      I love that particular fabric you mention too. I used it for a funnel (?) on one of the locomotives of my Chugging Along pattern.
      I copied the arabesque shape as the base for the feather on the outer border of the quilt in this blogpost! Or at least… I tried to get close, ha ha!


  3. Beautifully done! No need to be scared at all, you did a great job! I’d leave those oval shapes – I like them 🙂

  4. That photo scared the pants off me…..certainly had to come look at it…giggle. I love your quilt and the quilting is wonderful.

  5. Thanks Esther for stopping by to say hi. I love you orange peel quilting you did a marvelous job. I always said that if I were not a home economics I would teach art. Here in US the Home Ec. teacher often will be certified art. Enjoy you mini vacation and am following your bloglovin posts

  6. This
    I think the fabric will be very popular. The colors and designs are very “earthy” yet dressy at the same time. Your free hand quilting patterns really enhance the dimensional look of the quilt. Hope you will finish your school work very soon.

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