Sneak peek!

On July 1st the new and exciting College Blog Hop will start!

About 20 talented designers have each created a quilt block with their college days as its inspiration. I was asked to join this group of wonderful designers.

All of the patterns in the College Blog Hop will be for free!  Great, hey!!! (I told you it was exciting!) 

I have seen a lot of paper piecing patterns already in the designer’s secret hiding (and sharing) space on flickr. I know that there will be other type of pattern also. I can’t wait to see all of the patterns. At the bottom of this post you can read the schedule of the College Blog Hop!

You do not have to wait for long for my paper piecing pattern… I am up for this Wednesday already!

I have created something very colourful! I have had such a great time making a mini quilt with the pattern this weekend. It is still a quilt top and it will remain like that for a couple of weeks until school is finally over here…. just 9 more work days (and counting!)

Here is a sneak peek  of the pattern to wet your appetite. 🙂

Want to have a guess what it is?

See you all Wednesday!



Schedule Blog Hop

1. 07/01 Ruthie, Ruthie quilts! And quilts…

2. 07/02 Esther, ipatchandquilt

3. 07/03 Alida, TweLoQ

4. 07/04 Michelle, misha29

5. 07/07 Cheryl, Meadow Mist Designs

6. 07/08 Alyce, Blossom Heart Quilts

7. 07/09 Janine, Rainbow Hare

8. 07/10 Soma, Whims And Fancies

9. 07/14 Sil, Whims And Fancies

10. 07/15 Janeen, Quilt Art Designs

11. 07/16 Amy, ButterflyAngels Quilt

12. 07/17 Susan, The Bored Zombie

13. 07/21 Sandy, Peek a Boo !

14. 07/22 Rumi, 3PatchCrafts

15. 07/23 Amanda, What The Bobbin

16. 07/24 Lynn, Thimblemouse & Spouse

17. 07/28 Gaya, Le borse di Gaya

18. 07/29 Jennifer, Sewhooked

19. 07/30 Kris, Krislovesfabric

20. 07/31 Caroline, Trillium Design


4 thoughts on “Sneak peek!

  1. Hi Esther! Looks really exciting and I know I’ll love your quilt! I see there paints and I can only guess how many colour tubes you have managed to make! Can’t wait to see more! x Teje

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