“Paint it” – College Blog Hop

Welcome to all of you, old and new friends!

Day 2 of the College Blog Hop… here I come!

I spent my college days in paint stained clothing, carrying around huge folders with sketches, drawings, prints and photographs. I went to art school in Maastricht, the Netherlands. I trained there to be an art teacher. Those four years were very intense with hard work and close friendships. The circle of friends is mostly still intact after more than 15 years after graduation. We do not get to meet up as often as I would like, but we always pick up where we left off. Friends for ever!

The art exhibition at our graduation. I am in the middle in the floral dress. The pictures on the wall are mine.

The first year of art school was a flurry of technical drawings, art history, life drawing, print making, painting and drinking tea with my friends. One of the peaceful moments during the week was painting the colour charts for the colour classes. (I do know that my peers absolutely hated them, but I loved mixing the paints. It was meditative to me.)

For some reason, I have held on to these  colour charts… they are now falling apart because of the glue not sticking anymore and they look a bit grubby… after 19 years.

When Soma of Whims and Fancies (scedule) asked me to participate in the College Blog Hop, one of the first things to come to mind was to use the colour charts in my design. And of course the dreaded paint tubes…

I have created a paper piecing pattern that consists of 5 paint tubes. The block is 10 x 10 inches finished size. You can download the pattern from craftsy for FREE! It will remain free from July through September 2014.

You can recreate the “colour chart feel” within the tubes, like above. If you do not have all of the different hues of colour, you could also go for just one colour per tube.

You could embroider the names of the colours on tubes or fussy cut some great words!

If you like some inspiration for words or colours to select, have a look at this cool animation about the symbolic use of colour.

The cool thing with this paper piecing pattern is that you can create a circle with the tubes, like a real colour wheel!

Amazing, hey? I had so much fun sewing this! There are 62 different fabrics in this quilt top.

This wall hanging will adorn my sewing room soon!

Here are some close-ups, just because I love it!

Some things to consider:

– The pattern is doable for a confident (and patient) beginner.

– You could turn the circle into a pillow, but it may be wise to scale the pattern down a bit as the paint tube might dissappear in the curvy shape of the pillow. Or just make a bigger pillow!

– Consider adding text in the centre. Maybe a inspirational quote or a name.

– How about a larger round pillow with a big colourful button in the middle?

I hope you will have as much as fun as I have had creating this pattern and quilt top.

Colour away!




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121 thoughts on ““Paint it” – College Blog Hop

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  2. Thank you! Thank you! I love this & am going to (try) make this pattern for a wall hanging. I’d also like to use one block on each side of a bag for my artist friend. Here’s hoping!!

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    • Thank you very much Willit!
      I don’t get much feedback on patterns, I just stumble upon pictures on social media sometimes!
      Your comment is much appreciated!
      Thank you!!!

  7. I love your Paint it block and would like to make some but I can’t find the pattern anywhere. I couldn’t find it on Craftsy (bluprint). Anyway I could buy a download from you?

    • Goodmorning!
      Thank you fir contacting me. The links to the Craftsy site (Bluprint) are not active anymore due to a change in policy in that company.

      The pattern is now available in my personal pattern store:


      If you have any other question, please let me know.

      Kind regards

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