A star is born

First day of summer break, you guys!

6 Whole weeks of no teaching, grading and making tests… Hip Hip Hooray! I was soooooo looking forward to this vacation! I have so many great things planned, like putting my apartment up for sale, catching up on quilting, finally finishing all of those W.I.P’s, writing more patterns, visiting friends, getting some sun on my face, prettifying my balcony (as most of the plants have drowned in the awful downpour these last two weeks), visiting several museums and cities in my country and spending time with my two little nephews.

At the end of the school year we sometimes have to say goodbye to colleagues who retire from teaching and others who found a new teaching position elsewhere in the country.

As retirement wishes and farewells I have made some quilty gifts for three teachers with whom I have had a good working relation. With over 110 colleagues in total, there are some teachers that are closer to you than others.

Today I will show you the first of these gifts; a baby quilt!

One of my colleagues was to become a grandmother this week too. The baby was expected any day.

A test block for my flower pattern Dazzle was turned into a sweet baby quilt.

The pink fabric in the star/flower was also used for the binding.

I started with FMQ a kind of flower swirl around the edge of the star/flower. I have not had much time behind my sewing machine these last two months, so the FMQ-flowers were a bit “rusty”. Flowers, clouds… whatever, ha ha! The flannel on the back is VERY FORGIVING! I just loved the feeling of the quilted flannel. “Sew gorgeous!!!”

At a certain moment I stepped back from the baby quilt and noticed that I had unintentionally left a “tail” for the star/flower. Just go with it! I quilted “energy” coming from the star/flower with an elongated McTavish and swirls pattern.

It was great fun to do the FMQ after such a long while of only daydreaming about quilting!!!

Quilt stats:

  • “A star is born”
  • ca. 30 x 30 inches
  • cottons on the front, flannel on the back
  • Batting 100% cotton
  • Paper piecing pattern: “Dazzle”, by me πŸ™‚
  • 100% polyester thread used for piecing and quilting, white. (hardly visible in the flannel!) Amann, Saba 120


I have already used the pattern Dazzle before for a little pillow. Maybe you remember?

The pattern is so versatile! Just look at these colouring options:

I envision a whole quilt made with this pattern with all different flowers….

…oh too little time!


Bye everyone!


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17 thoughts on “A star is born

  1. Beautiful finish Esther! I studied your FMQing designs at great length πŸ™‚ I’m looking for a wind looking pattern and that swirl you have on the bottom left quadrant might just fit the bill πŸ™‚

    Your plans for your summer off sound wonderful! Dazzle is beautiful! Might be a little over my beginner PPing head but I can dream πŸ™‚ I have a couple quilts to finish and then I think it is time to go a little PPing crazy!

  2. Your little “Star Flower” is so sweet and, indeed, has so many possibilities! The quilting/stitching looks like you had great fun…really like how it turned out!!!! FMQ is a ‘zen’ thing, once you get into it!!!! Lucky little tyke who receives this one!!!!! Happy “break” at last!!!! The best to you on accomplishing your list!!! Hugs…………….

  3. I wish I could get that much time “off” every year! Sounds like you have a busy summer planned though. The baby quilt is so cute! The quilting looks great!

  4. I think it’s gorgeous! Just stopped by your Craftsy page. I’ve definitely got some of these stars on my list of things to do while traveling. Unfortunately I don’t have anything planned until February.
    I hope you have a great summer break! Sounds like you’ll be busy. I hope you get some time to relax.

  5. I *love* the colorway for your Dazzle pattern in the pillow – so stunning! Beautiful FMQing on the baby quilt, and yay for vacation. I hope it is a productive one for you!

  6. WOW .. the star quilt is “STELLAR” .. full of life. Baby quilt:
    “Heel erg lief”. It will look lovely in any baby’s room. Hope recipient values your talent and time. For the next 6 weeks .. out and about when the weather is fine and quilting indoors when rainy?

    • Oh dawn, flannel is so lovely as a backing! You can leave the batting out if you want to create a lightweight quilt, like a receiving blanket.
      Please try it!

  7. wow, this is mind-blowingly beautiful! i’m just a beginner and this kind of quilting looks sooo advanced! i love that origami-esque star/flower and the back! love the way you described the quilted flannel, i’d like to make a quilt now too with flannel on the back. maybe i give it a go, i have been thinking to put together a really quick receiving blanket for my own little arrival. there might be just enough time πŸ™‚
    popping over via Michelle’s link-up. greetings from Finland!

    • Hello Aniko! Yes, you can simply add a flannel as a backing without batting. In my quilt I did add a batting to poof it up a bit.
      I am still in love with the flower pattern. I think I will surely useit again and again!
      Thank you for visiting! I so love to have quilty visitors from Europe!

  8. Hello Esther,

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

    Such a sweet baby quilt. I have used flannel (or brushed cotton) for a big project, a QAYG quilt for my daughter, and found it hard work moving it under the machine. It makes a nice thick warm quilt, though – nice and snug for a baby.

    Love from England, Muv

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