Frankenstein Feathers

During the mayor clear out/clean up of my flat I have stumbled upon a bag full of scraps of batting. To big to throw out, too small to use in individual projects…

Frankenstein them!


Cut the scraps to straight pieces. Use a large zig zag stitch and build a bigger usable piece of batting.

I managed to get a piece about 25 x 35 inches. After piecing it all together… I cut it up again!

For test pieces to FMQ on!

That is right… FEATHERS!!!

I am using unbleached, cheap cotton from IKEA for these test pieces.

I finally had some time to get back into FMQ.

Each piece of fabric was 11×11 inches.

I watched the video made by Amy from Amy’s Free Motion Quilting adventures…

And was inspired to empty the spool of Aurifil thread I bought as part of a testers package at a quilt show! (Yes I did almost empty it out!)

It was sure fun to see my work improve from piece to piece.

Some micro-feathers…


… curly micro-feathers

In all of the above pieces I only drew in the spine of the feathers. In the one below you can still see the purple pen I used for sketching in the shapes.

I still find the feathers attached to the inside of the curl in the spine the most difficult to do. I will practise those more.

I have used the craftsy SALE of this weekend to get some classes on FMQ, especially one on feathers! More about those classes, later this week!

Feather on, dudes and dudettes!


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49 thoughts on “Frankenstein Feathers

    • Ha ha, almost! Sometimes you just have to do feathers, right? If you would have told me two years ago that I love doing them, I would have looked at you very strangely, ha ha!

  1. From your title, I expected to see something dreadful. . . and your feathers are beautiful!! Just love those micro feathers!! Looks like you had good fun 🙂

  2. So much fun to just play!!!!! No planning or pressure….just “happy dance” feathering—-and it’s beautiful!!!!!!! You have come a very long way, indeed!!!! Hugs…………

  3. Those are some amazing feathers! You will love the feathers class taught by Angela Walters on Craftsy. I got so much out of it, but you already seem ahead of the game. They look amazing! I need to do more of this with my scrap batting. Great tip on getting the cheap fabric at Ikea.

    • Hello Diana,
      The onbleached cotton is really cheap at just 2 euros per meter. Unbelievable right? I just bought about 10 meters last time, washed the heck out of it and precut it all to be used as quilt backs for pillows at over 20×20 inches. The fabric is on the inside of the pillow so nobody will see. The leftover bits I have already used for other FMQ testing. Now I had no more scraps left so I attacked my nice precut pile and hacked each piece in half to end up with these test squares.
      I hope you have a great day!

  4. They’re wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m just about to embark on my first feather quilting venture, and these really show how to get great texture from them.

      • Thank you. I have been drawing. Pages and pages of feathers and swirls and meanders and pebbles and hooks. The feathers are the only one of these I haven’t had a stab at on the long arm, but I think they’ll look great on my next quilt.

          • I can’t make the investment either. There’s a woman about an hour away from me who rents time on hers. It’s actually a great system. Nothing to worry about if you turn out not to be fantastic at it. I’ve only done two practice quilts so far, but I got bored of those really quickly. I’m waiting for some thread to come (rental includes King Tut thread, but I’d rather use Aurifil, which I quilt with at home) and do a couple of my own.

            My dad was dead keen on me buying a machine. Seems like a silly investment at this point. I tried to explain to him that it was exactly like buying a car, only you don’t know how to drive, and haven’t seen anyone else drive except on film, but with a slightly smaller chance of grievous bodily injury.

    • Thank you very much, yes, it is sure fun to do! I hope to get more consistent with the petals, because they sometimes look like socks instead of a half heart shapes, ha ha!

  5. I love the variation in feathers and fillers! I just finished making huge feathers on a queen sized quilt–the inner stem pieces are the hardest for me too! My only suggestion is try making them smaller.

  6. Beautiful! I hope you save these to use somehow. They may be practice pieces but they came out too nice to throw away!

  7. I love all the different feathers you’ve quilted. You’ve given me lots of ideas. I still need loads of practice. Thanks for sharing!

  8. They are wonderful feathers. Almost everyone has an occasional spot that isn’t quite what we want. Hopefully, those spots get lost in the midst of all the glorious feathers.

    • Hello Dora!
      You are so right! The contrasting thread makes the mistakes stand out more,. I have been working on a project (not on my blog yet) where the thread matches the fabric. It is so much more relaxing to use that thread!
      Bye bye

  9. Fab, fab, fabulous! Franken-batting maybe, but fab-feathers! And a great spectrum of styles for your practice, love the fills and designs around the feathers!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ha ha Susan,
      You have more faith in my feather-capabilities that I have, ha ha! Oh, I can get the shapes right, just need more time to think about composition a bit more before jumping into a new project! I will do some research before I do a wholecloth!

  10. you’ve got some great ideas here! I’ve also never seen transitioning to a branch off with a feather petal instead of running a stem off the first feather. I really like that

  11. Hello Esther,

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

    I love the effect of the orange thread on the unbleached cotton, with the colour intensifying in the closely quilted areas. I particularly like the mirror image curly feathers.

    Love, Muv

    • Hi Muv!
      I love that thread. It quilted so nice! Actually it is not orange at all, but more of a salmon pink colour. The off-white fabric makes it look like orange. I hope to buy more of this thread.
      Bye bye

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