What to say?

Normally I do not remark on news or national / international events on this blog, but this time I would like to speak out.

I guess all of you know that last week an civilian airplane was shot down over Ukraine. Almost 300 people lost their lives. Of these over 190 people were Dutch. Little by little the nation (and the world) is getting to grips with this tragedy. Personally I did not know any of the people on board, but one of my friends lost one of her young special needs students.

What to say in such a situation?

All I can wish for those of you who have lost a family member, friend or coworker through this tragedy that you may find love, peace and comfort to give this loved one a firm place in your hearts.



11 thoughts on “What to say?

  1. Please give my condolences to your friend who lost her student. It feels like 9/11 all over again. I will never understand the hatred of some “rebels”, yet I do believe in the kindness of people all over the world when something like this happens.

  2. I was thinking of you, and of all my family in the Netherlands. Even though we are on the other side of the world I know people who have lost family and friends in that awful crash. The lady who served my favourite gourmet icecream at the markets, who is also the mother of a friend’s friend, and the colleague of another friend. A nun who is of the same order as my great-aunt, and who taught a friend at primary school. These are not my family, and this is not my personal loss, but understanding that they are real people, with real everyday lives just adds to the grief that we feel across the world. Sending blessings to you, your friends and your community as we try to understand how so much potential and joy can end in so much sorrow and pain.

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