The final cloud!

More than a year ago I finished this “Cloud Nine” quilt top.


I never thought I would be a “W.I.P.’s-lady”… you know, a quilter who has W.I.P.’s and stacks of more W.I.P.’s in the closet. (I can not be the only W.I.P.-lady out there… I know you are out there !)

While purging my house to get it ready for selling I cleaned out every closet and opened every box to see if I needed the items stored. A lot went to charity, some went to family, friends and colleagues, some went to the recycling yard and little went in the trash…. and then there was the fabric stash….

…yes, the stash…

… and the W.I.P.’s!

Somewhat forgotten about!

There they were, ready to put my new FMQ skills to the test.

I started too eagerly.

I did not pin the quilt enough!

With puckers as a result. Oops!

Luckily they are not everywhere!

The back looks wonderful actually! No puckers there!

I used small swirls and feather-like petals.

Love it!

Now I only need a binding! I think I will have to go back into the closets and boxes to see what I have got that would work. Hope I do not find more forgotten W.I.P. ‘s lurking in the depth… or maybe I DO WANT to find some more to quilt, ha ha!

(Would love to do more swirlsssssss!)


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19 thoughts on “The final cloud!

  1. It looks lovely. I have some hidden projects that I cannot find. BTW, don’t feel so bad about WIP since I have one that is over 30 years old. It will get quilted – one day.

  2. I wouldn’t have seen the puckers if you hadn’t pointed them out. I have one UFO I cannot bear to take out because it’s so badly warped and stretched I’m not sure it can be saved – and I love the fabrics, so it makes me sad. One day, I’ll take it out, take it apart and remake it. One day….

    • Maybe a job for a (very) rainy day? Would love to see what you can create from this W.I.P. of yours.
      Luckilymy quilt is visualy quite busy so the puckers do not stand out! πŸ™‚
      Have wonderful day!

  3. I’m a WIPs lady too. I do like that when I finally complete a project that has aged over time, I do a much better job on it with my increased knowledge than I would have had I completed it earlier.

    • Thank you so much Judy!!!
      I just discovered that I have another quilt top almost finished made with the same pattern… I thought I did three , but it turned out I did four, ha ha!
      My mission of this week is to try to finish some more of those W.I.P.s!
      Bye bye

    • Yay, thank you!
      I do have to say that waiting for a year until I was ready to FMQ this top like this was a good “decision”. It turned better than I had hoped!

    • Wow Susan, thank you so much!
      I do have to try and sell some of these quilts. They are stacking up! I can not keep them all. (At least not in this house! ha ha!)

  4. What a nice unfinished project to come across;just love the symmetry and the colors. Reminds me of spring .. like a rolling field of flowers. By the way; we all have several works-in-progress;it is part of life. All we need is the energy to tackle some of them.

  5. Funny you mentioned WIPs! I just went through all the blocks I have made until today, sorting them to make projects so that they won’t be stray blocks for very long. Love the geometric feel of your quilt-top and the quilting looked really lovely! You really are an FMQ pro πŸ™‚


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