FMQ samples

As I promised you yesterday, there is much more FMQ to show you!  Today there is a portion of FMQ samples.

I am showing you the front and back of the samplers as I am using a darker thread on top to see what I am doing. The backside actually shows you what the FMQ looks like when you are using a matching thread colour. In most of these samples I prefer the back to the front.




These next samples are bigger at 10×10 inches. I was inspired by the craftsy class by Angela Walters on feathers.

I am really enjoying working on the feathers! These “bump-back” feathers are really coming out gorgeous!

I think they are super cool!!!


You might think I have exhausted my supply of samples now, do you? ( go to my previous posts to see much more FMQ work)

No no no… there is more!!!

See you next time!

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32 thoughts on “FMQ samples

  1. They are great FMQ samples. I recognised the designs from the Craftsy class- Angela does great classes doesn’t she?. I love your feathers piece with the pebbles up the spine. Your work is fantastic.

  2. Hello Esther:

    You are a GREAT ARTISAN: Gorgeous flow and lots of energy in your quilting. P.S. it is raining here also.

  3. Yes, yes, yes…keep them coming. Love it! Re thread…I prefer to stitch with light thread…somehow my stitches look better than when I use dark thread. Like the feathers of course…great job.

    • Thank you so much Karin!
      I actually like the matching thread too, so much more forgiving, right? For my learning pieces I am sticking to the contrasting thread so I can see where I can improve the stitching.
      Have a great week!

  4. Your feathers look great! I do pretty good with feathers, it’s one of the easiest designs in my opinion, but I don’t use the bump technique. Just doesn’t work for me but I’ve always thought it was neat.

    • Hello Jake,
      How nice to meet you! I have always adored feathers, but thought they were way to hard to stitch! Now, after lots of practice, they are actually becoming one of the easiest patterns for me too!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I found that doing the circles not as pebbles worked better for me. I actually often do “half circles”on each side. They tuen out much nicer! I picked that up from the book “Quilt Savvy” by Diane Gaudynski. A real good buy!

  5. Hi Esther,
    I’m with you on the preferring the back comment! It looks so much more classy often in the matching thread colour doesn’t it. Although I have a feeling it makes a huge difference depending on the thickness of the thread. as I find that if I want the thread to show, it can look better with a slightly thicker thread. The green feathers you did look a little thicker and they are gorgeous. Love Suzy

  6. I love your quilting. I like that you have a variety of samples to show, and your feathers are wonderful! I will refer to them often as I try to improve my quilting.

  7. Have you thought about hanging the samples on the wall as inspiration? I may do this also to keep a reference in front of me while FMQ’ing. You have inspired me- I have an HQ16 and am trying to get better using it. I have just loaded 3 yards on the machine to practice. I hope it works!! Thanks for the good feedback on the Craftsy class too. I have one of Cindy Needhams and it was fabulous.

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