Learning from the pros

Last week I got some quilt books back that I lended out to a friend. I had not seen the books in a while and that was a good thing. This time around I saw different things in these books than I did a few months ago. (I hope to do a review on these books, next week maybe.)

Today I want to share some FMQ samples I did after studying page after page. I tried to copy the designs to find out how they flow and what works best for me. Some designs are my own but were inspired by the book “Freehand Filler Patterns” by Sue Patten.

Each sample shows a 10×10 inch block. I used one of those Frixion pens which lines dissappear after ironing. I really do not mind using the frixion pens for this purpose, but I hesitate to use them on an actual quilt. Right after ironing I could still see the slighty yellow line on the fabric, it actually looked a bit oily. They do not show up now.

Okay, picture time!

Pattern from page 73, a little bit altered:


Also from page 73:

This next sample I came up with myself. I feel like this design “needs” something… do not know what. It feels a bit empty, ha ha!

Three weeks ago I showed you this sample, about the same size as the ones above. Please look at the differences in shape of the feather petals between the next two pictures.

Above, the petals are longer and more finger-like. Some of the petals look really weird; I like to describe them as sock-shaped! 😉

Underneath the feathers are rounder and they overlap each other more (bump back feathers). I prefer these type of petals.

(design from the book, page 25)

This next design is from the book again, page 24.

I went a bit crazy with the feathers in these two last ones. My own designs.

Tomorrow… guess what? More feathers!



p.s. (For those of you new to my blog, there are much more FMQ pictures in my previous blog posts of the last week!)

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38 thoughts on “Learning from the pros

  1. I like the first one best – I’m a big fan of quilting lightly so the open spaces appeal to me, and I like the pattern, which looks a little like Japanese sashiko embroidery.

    • HI!
      Yeah, it does look like sashiko quilting. I would like to learn more about that too…. oh there is so much to learn! 🙂
      I adore the contrast between the feather and the geometric quart-circles.

  2. your fmq is so beautiful Esther!! i can’t even imagine how long it would take to do one of these designs! do you think you would use these designs on a whole quilt or a mini quilt or something else? i think these samples are too pretty to not be used for something too.

    • Hello Gina!
      The designs did not take that long at all, especially the ones in the beginning of the post. The last ones took a bit more, but the feathers get easier and also quicker the more you do them! And the samples are only 10 x 10 inches. Not huge! I do not know how I would feel about them on a real big quilt, ha ha!
      Bye bye

  3. Your quilting is beautiful. I just thought I would mention something about the Frixion pens (because I don’t like to mark quilting lines with them either) that they disappear with ironing, but also they return if you put the fabric in the freezer (or somewhere really cold). Something I learned at a quilt class, but I’ve never heard that shared anywhere else. So I don’t think they really permanently go away. Anyhow – gorgeous feathers!

    • Hello Terri!
      Thank you for adding the info on the pens. I have read a lot about them last year so I thought all quilters knew about them already. In my latest post I have added more info about them!

  4. Wow .. what a progression of skills; don’t know why, but the last two are so exquisite; they remind me of the wall decorations of the AlHambra!

  5. Nice work! I like the last one. But I also really like the first and third ones! I like how, for all the detail, there’s also open space. Very pretty.

  6. you’re doing really well with the FMQ! I’ve never had a problem with a Frixxon pen, I use it for embroidery all the time. I have heard that the lines come back if you put them in the freezer, but I don’t usually put either quilts or embroidery in the freezer…

    • How cool you also can use the Frixion pens for embroidery too! Yeah, I do not put quilts in the freezer too, ha ha! We do not have that cold weather for long time in the winter so I guess we are OKAY!

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  8. I love all these different looks. I can see them on a quilt with tons of negative space. (which is on my shelf waiting for quilting) I think I need to get this book. Is it a current book?

  9. Beautiful feather quilting, Esther! Mine still look kind of like socks, or deformed toes, but I’m not giving up yet! It’s amazing to pull out a FMQ sample from a year ago and realize that I actually AM getting better, just very SLOWLY… 🙂

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