Big Stash

After all of the FMQ last week my left shoulder is acting up.

My Janome sewing machine is placed on top of the table instead of lowered into the table. The whole set up is not very ergonomic when sewing for hours and hours… I know now.   😦   I think I will have to take it easy with the FMQ for a while. Also, school will start this Monday and I need most of my free time to prepare for my classes. About two-thirds of my classes are theoretical and not practical. So, lots of preparation needed for art history and art appreciation. For the month of September I will be taking it slow with sewing. I do hope to post once a week, though!


To get over the gloominess of this so-called summer I got myself a rainbow of fabrics… Any other reasons needed to buy fabric?

No, right?

All of these are by Andover Fabrics, Color Collection plus one piece of Itsy Bitsy (stars). I ordered from an online Dutch shop called Stitchenzo who had these on sale for 11 euros per meter. Regarding quilt fabrics this is really cheap as quilt fabric normally sells for 16-20 euros per meter.

These next three I ordered also from the same shop.

1. Jungle Dots – C3163 gray

2. Panduro Fabric, Stina 304418

3. Panduro Fabric, Rut Dark Red 304427


Besides lots of yards of Kona Solids, also a mystery box of FQ arrived from Craftsy. I SOOOO took advantage of the huge sale a few weeks ago! Here is what was in that mystery box:

I have tried to find the name of these, but no luck yet! The gold and pink dots = Heirloom


9 Different pieces of Chicopee.

Starting at the fish fabric, clockwise:

2. + 3. Get together

4. + 5. Designer Rhinestones

All of the others unknown. I looked through all of the Freespirit collections online, but must have missed these.

7 Different FQ of Tailored.

1. Summersault

2. Bohemian, AT67Pink

3. Enchantment

4. + 5. Wildflower



I had some fun mixing all of my new fabrics!  They go so well together!

Lots of great quilt project ideas, but for now I will have to be content with playing with the FQ! 🙂

Have wonderful Sunday!




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23 thoughts on “Big Stash

  1. Such beautiful, rich tones! I love the rainbow you acquired. I hope your shoulder feels much improved soon, and my best wishes and thoughts to you as you get settled into your school routine!

  2. Awsome fabrics and colors! Hope the best for your shoulder and many great ideas for school preparation. I’m a double-teacher child and know the work a good teacher has at home.

    • Yeah, the fabric is so gorgeous!!! I totally could wear this collection, ha ha!
      You are so right, teaching is much more work than people think. They only see you coming home early… They do not see the late night and weekend preparations.
      Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Wow, Esther you have picked lots of beautiful NEW Fabrics! Those one you try to find name: there are on the left purple and ‘mustard’ which I have in orange. It’s from Joel Dewberry but can’t remember now the name. I’ll check from my ‘Orange Stones’ quilt and tell you. x Teje

    • Thank you so much Teje!
      I did not feel like going through all of the collections again to check for its name! Now I can maybe find some more of this fabric! It is really perfect for my livingroom. I am thinking lapquilt for the autumn, just for meeeeeee!!! And than quilt feathers is the negative space…. Can’t wait until my shoulder feels better!

      • Souns great plan! I could do also lovely lap quilt for me. I like very much Joel Dewberrie’s Fabrics. Have a great Sunday! I’ll go to see that Fabric shop you mentioned. x Teje

  4. I’m a retired educator and sometimes I really miss it. NOT! Love your rainbow of colors. I have sewn with my machine on top of a table for years and really suffer that ‘between the shoulder blades’ thing. Sometimes I’m so miserable, I’m in tears. I recently bought a new machine w/table and it makes all the difference in the world. Well worth the expense. Happy Back to School!

    • Ha ha, I do hope that once I am retired I will also not miss working toooooo much. I have about 30 years still to go, ha ha! Retirement age has gone up, sadly. You wonder if the teachers have to go to work with one of those walkers… 😉
      I have had the between-the-shoulder-blades pains, but they luckily go away within a day or two. This aches I am having are not very debilitating, just annoying! I really have to cut ahole in a table to sink the machine into. I have the perfect table for it already.
      Thank you!

  5. … it’s also Heirloom by Joel Dewberry. I hope your shoulder is soon better. Unfortunately I think the only help is to give it rest. I’m waiting to get my table lower. My wrest has had big problem for a long time and now with our moving it got of course worse. I’m worried when I can hand quilt again. x Teje

  6. Lots of sympathy for your sore shoulder. I have bursitis in both my shoulders and I’ve had to stop hand quilting for a day or so because I have made so many holes in my fingers with the needle… Blood on the quilt is not what I want! Once they’re healed I’ll be back at it. I love your rainbow fabrics best, the small patterns are so graphic and intricate.

    • Ha ha , no more extra blood on quilts, they already contain our “blood and tears”, from the making process, right?
      I hope this shoulder-thing is a one-off! It is just annoying when carrying a bag or lying on the left side.

  7. I love the Andover blenders-especially that green and white leaf like pattern! So sorry to hear your summer is almost over -I’ll miss all your beautiful fmq posts.

  8. Great choice of fabrics, always looking forward to see your new stash. Hope your shoulder is now better. I also have my sewing machine on the table and I know how it is.

  9. Please treat yourself to a seweazy table from Elly Prins!! I am very prone to neck and shoulder injuries and I can fmq a lot! (Though never on end!) your stashisbeautiful, thanks for the (shop) tip.
    A tip from me: comeand
    Ive up north: we’ve had the best summer in decades!!

    • Thank you Betty! I will look into the table you mentioned.
      The beginning of summer was perfect but after two weeks, it started raining. I think it has rained every day, the ground is mushy and there are mushrooms everywhere! I am glad you had a great summer!!!

  10. Just love fabric wreaths 3 and 4 .. green for our flora and blue for our oceans. It looks like you are bringing nature indoors. No surprise since you had such a cool summer. Good luck with your new school year; hope you will have some nice weekend weather in the fall.

  11. What a nice batch of fabric! I love mixing and matching–never to be stifled by using one line only! I too have to remember not to quilt too long at a time. So easy to forget thought, because I don’t feel it till the next day!

  12. I came to the blog and found a rainbow! How wonderful! But seriously, get that hole cut and sink that machine. No sore shoulders! In the meantime, maybe a taller chair would help? When I’m away from my sewing table and using my machine and its extension table, a stout pillow for my rear gets my arms to the proper place.

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