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You have probably have come across blogposts on the Around the World Blog Hop, right? I have been asked by Dorien of Just-do to participate. If you would also like to join us on this worldwide trip, please read the bit at the end!

So, it is my turn today to write about my quilty projects!

1) What am I working on?

There are several projects going on at this moment. I have been adding to my FMQ sampler books. They are growing and growing. I have already 4 books on feathers now and there are some more feather styles I have to try out. I am looking forward to it!

Two baby quilts need to have their binding put on…

And I kind of started “something, something” with these fabrics yesterday…

Somehow all these pictures show a lot of pink and yellow, but I assure you that this purely coincidental!

There are also more pictorial blocks in the works to add to my train quilt top “Chugging Along”. I have soooo many plans…

Chugging Along, paper piecing pattern.

… I just need a bit more time!

2) How does my work differ from others its genre?

Genre? Should I be sticking to just one genre?    🙂    I love it all!

I tend to hop from patchwork, to FMQ and than back to do some paperpiecing. I love it all and really enjoy going from one technique to the other. It is the variety that keeps me hooked! When I have learned something new or when I have designed a complex  block I need a bit off “percolating time” for things to settle. When I am working on one project, the ideas for another already start flowing.

From the very complex…

Honey Honey, paper piecing pattern.

…to the doable!

Paint it, paper piecing pattern.

From the more simple patchwork…

Soy Amado, charity quilt for Mexico City.

… to something a bit more complex!

Cloud Nine, baby quilt.

Something a bit more smothered in FMQ with feathers…

…or without feathers!

LOVE . IT . ALL !!!


3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Sorry guys, but I can’t help it!    🙂

I have always been a creator. I love making things, painting, colouring, drawing. And one day there was QUILTING… It has swept me off my feet and I am totally hooked. There has never been a hobby that kept me this interested as this has.

I adore reading blogs and even keeping this blog feeding the wish for a diary of some sorts. I have always desired to keep a diary, but never seem to be able to keep it up. But blogging has filled that gap.Tthe mix of pictures, text and interaction with you all is what I LOVE!!!

My blog is a mix of my projects, little tutorials /show-and-tells, and a bit of artistic inspiration.

4) How does my writing/creative process work?

Every idea starts with sketches and scribbles on paper. Whenever my mind has the privilege to wander I make sure I have pen and paper at hand. There are sooooooo many ideas to try out. Sometimes my projects start with a wish to create something for others, sometimes I want to make something for myself (something I should do more!). And then there are the projects that just pop up in my head, no reason at all. These are the best most of the time, I have to admit!

Writing my blog, communicating with all of you, supporting each other… What is not to LOVE?

Sending out more QUILTY LOVE to you all!!!


Would you also like to participate in this Blog Hop? I am looking for ONE MORE BLOGGER to take up the batton! Who is up for it? Let me know in a comment!




14 thoughts on “Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Dear Esther,
    I wrote at the Blog Hop last week. 🙂 I like your projects, especially the paint it-quilt! That’s will be a must-have for the next time.
    Greetings, Rike

  2. Honey Honey is gorgeous… wow! you do have a bit of a yellow/pink streak going on at the moment. Funny how that can happy sometimes, isn’t it? I love how blogging fills up the space for a diary in a nice way. And it is so fun to share with others and gain inspiration. 🙂

  3. I love your work! The free motion sampler book sounds like a great project! I have two free motion sampler books, but I have not put together one for feathers. It sounds like I have another project added to the list! I would love to participate in the blog hop!

  4. Interesting post. I am enjoying hunting down the bloghop posts and seeing how everyone works and what they do.. Like Rike, I wrote last week. I hope you get some takers as it is an interesting chain to follow 🙂

  5. Wonderful to read your story. I’ve read quite a few blog-hop-stories now, and it is such a joy to see everyone working in a different mind-set and with different ideas. But always with such joy!

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