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Hello World!

How are you? The first week of school was very intense. Full of fun teaching, great kids and lots of little things to do even when it is past your bedtime already! I do not even know where the weekend went and the second week has already started in full force. Catch my breath!


I would like you to meet the wonderful Dena of Living Water Quilting. She has taken up the baton on the Around the World Blog Hop!  Her answers to the by-now famous four questions can be read on her blog. Have fun there!

As I am insanely busy at work I have hardly been in the sewing room, so I thought I’d show you something quilty/artsy /fabricy that I saw in a museum this summer.

Today I wanted to share three works from the exhibition Threads. It featured works from more than 20 international artists and designers in which the medium of thread or textiles play a prominent role. Their work can be seen as a metaphor for the ‘interweaving’ of artistry and craft; art and the public; and personal and societal themes. The exhibition was multidisciplinary and included installations, video works, wall hangings and standing objects, some of which were interactive.*

I have tried to take lots of pictures, but due to the intense lighting in the museum only a few shots are worth while showing!

Artwork  1:

Museum text:

“The pattern in the work Kasmiri Shawl is the result of labor-intensive process of inserting thousands of pins through a layer of two shawls. The work draws attention to what Khalid views as a disparity between the global popularity of Kasjmir Sjawls and the lack of attention for the conflict over this region between India and Pakistan. (2011)”

Artwork 2:

Museum text:

“Barbara Polderman executes her fabric sculptures in a complex collage technique. She attemps to give her figures of people and animals expression and thus makes them seem alive. The Judge is a wolf-like figure that leans on top of a wooden scaffold. Polderman want to express a mixture of anxiety and aggression with the creature, based on the fearsome connotation that the word “judge” has for many people.”

Artwork 3:

My camera could not get this photo down… nothing large enough to focus on! Result= blurry pics!

Museum text:

“Chiharu Shiota creates her own spaces by stretching hundres of threads through the room. The threads compose a labyrinth, which can be seen as a reflection of the choices that one has to make at each intersection. For some, the installations are a threatening presence, but the stability of the structure can also be reassuring and provide protection. central to the work of Shiota are the themes of memory, dreams and fears. In Life of Thread the sewing machine in the middle seems to produce the threads and is simultaneously caught in its own product.”

Don’t you think that this last work also shows what a quilter’s brain might look like if it was made of threads?



* source museum website


One thought on “Summer museums 01

  1. That last installation reminds me strongly of what my sewing room looks like at the end of a quilt project – threads everywhere! It’s beautiful, but I find it makes me a little agitated – I want to tidy it up!

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