Autumn Candy

In between class preparations and getting my house ready for a viewing day ( in the hope to sell it soon) I have been working slowly but steadily on a new quilt. One that will be mine… ALL MINE!

(Have you ever stopped to think how many quilts you have made for other people? It was time to make one for myself again!)

I have chosen my favorite autumn colours and mixed several fabric lines, combining anything yellow, orange and red. I even pulled some other fabrics from my stash.

This is what my plan for a large lap quilt looks like right now.

I am using the tri-rec rulers to create my “Autumn Candy” quilt.

While cutting the pieces of the above (partial) blocks, I also had some leftovers that I turned into triangle blocks.

Please ignore the triangles as they will not be added, even though they look great with the “hexagons”. The triangle blocks all need to be trimmed down to be to get a straight block and will not be big enough for the hexagon blocks. Even with my very careful piecing and abundant starching the blocks came out smaller than expected. I have even had to fiddle with my needle position to get 6,5″ hexagon blocks.

Mmmmm… lesson learned here: Always start with a bigger block if possible and then trim down, even with a tool that promises that you do not need to cut larger.

(I am using all quality quilting cotton and a very fine thread to piece, so I am still looking for the reason for my blocks not being the correct size. I am pressing, not ironing. The fabrics were not prewashed. I am using the quarter inch foot on the machine. I am starching the seams with a brush to get crisp clean flat fabric… what else could it be?  I have set my needle to 4.0 instead of the standard 3,5 which was fine for every other project I have worked on.)

The triangle blocks were never intended to be used with the hexagons, so they will become something else.

Some options:

I already have a wonderful idea, one that I will not be sharing with you just yet! Just wait!!!

First of all I will try to finish the big “Autumn Candy” quilt before the beginning of December. If the rest of this month is anything like these last four weeks, I do hope to finish this quilt before Autumn 2015… 🙂

Here’s hoping for more quilting time!


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12 thoughts on “Autumn Candy

  1. Oh my Esther, I love both combinations and they are both very interesting!! love all your colors. I need to work with a beige or white background more often. Thanks for sharing, yahoo, I can hardly wait to see them both all done!

    • Hi Carli!
      It is my first time to use such a light background too, I think! I got 4 yards of Kona Snow and by now have used almost 3 yards already. The rest of it will be used for the triangles. I picked this light background to match with my livingroom. The sofa has the colour of margarine, ha ha!
      Everyday I try to starch a small pile of blocks, in the hope that the preparations will soon be over. I expect I will be starching for one more week. I am looking forward to piecing more of the units together to create the “hexagon” blocks. I only have about 20% of those done. Could not wait to try those out.

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the top is that the hexagons look like cupcakes, especially in that colour palette. Lovely! I like the diamond lattice arrangement for the triangles, I hope that’s what you choose. You have some beautiful fabrics – I especially like the rust colour with the meander pattern on it.

  3. I also thought about food .. not cup cakes but muffins sitting on top of one another. Just love the fabric combinations. Other idea for triangular pieces. You could string them together for a permanent party vane (“feest slinger”). You would be all set for the fall birthday parties and if you want to you can add one each for the remaining 3 seasons.

  4. Even though I’m not a true fan of Autumn, I sure love that color palette! It seems that triangles are everywhere, lately! Thank you for the “words of warning” regarding the cutting of the blocks a bit over-sized and trimming. I have a tendency to not do that (even if recommended by the “gizmo” manufacturer!) but haven’t had specific difficulties thus far……..but I know that my day is coming!!!!!!!!

  5. It must be frustrating that they are not the exact size. My quarter inch foot isn’t exact, but it seems like you adjusted for that. Beautiful project. And the off set diamonds is my favorite of the triangle layouts.

  6. What a beautiful color palette! Good luck with everything you have going on. I hope that selling your home goes smoothly and well. And I really look forward to seeing what you do with both the “hexagon” blocks and triangles. 🙂

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