New hexies

Last week I turned 38… which did not feel any different from turning 27.  I am glad it did not, as approaching 40 is still a bit too scary!

In my first few days as a 38 year old this is what I learned:  Love and have fun!

Love: many kisses and big hugs from and to my two little nephews, having my family and friends close, receiving gifts from the heart, seeing my parents 3 times in one week, seeing my friends laughing faces, being sung to by my class of 17 year olds

Fun: playing hide and seek in the house, 6 straight hours of baking… and eating the apple pie, inside jokes, putting up birthday decorations for myself, and going on a small spending spree in the quilt shop.

Here are the new additions to the thread collection. I forgot to buy some red and green…. so I do need to go back to the shop. (Horrible , right?)

The big pile behind the thread is the circa 300 pieces for my newest W.I.P. Underneath you the picture from my last post. The quilt will be a big lap quilt or maybe a bed quilt. Do not know yet.

I am glad I have pieced the halfs of the hexies. Slowly but surely I hope to work on piecing them into squares.

For my birthday I was given two charm packs of Amy Butler fabric! (Thank you very much, Rita!)

I cut into them with my Tri-rec ruler creating equalateral triangles as big as possible.

The piecing went pretty fine too!

Cool matching points, he?!

The mint fabric was turned into a border.

At the beginning of this month I finally, FINALLY, received my order for the special ruler toe that fits on my Janome Horizon 7700. This foot will allow you to use most longarm rulers on the domestic sewing machine. (Read more about it at this wonderful blog)
The ruler toe foot was ordered from the UK but it took almost 2 months to arrive from the USA. Next time I will directly order from the US… Lesson learned!My first time really using my , also new, rulers with the special foot. It went OK, not perfect, but also not horrible.It will take some practice to get the feel for the centre of that ruler toe foot. The lines do not come together… YET!I did discover that using the rulers means having to go at a different speed than with regular FMQ. I have to play around with the rulers more to find the right speed.In the mint border I tried some FMQ with swirls and pebbles. It was not suprising that the swirls are not as good as the ones I did in July. I have not done much FMQ because of an shoulder injury and not enough free time. Anyway, I still love the final result!A view at the back:

Now I will have to convert a square IKEA pillow form to fit into this hexagon pillow. I already figured out how to do it!

Wish me luck!


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33 thoughts on “New hexies

  1. Happy 38 and you have found the secret to life…:) 🙂 Love all your hexies and your quilting. Great ruler!

  2. Happy Birthday! I have to tell you that from the perspective of age 53, 40 is not at all scary… 50 wasn’t bad either. 60 is the one to watch out for! I love your Amy Butler pillow, and although I wouldn’t take on that quilting by machine, preferring to do that by hand, I think you’ve achieved a beautiful result. Take care of your shoulder; one bad thing about getting older is things don’t heal as well as they used to.

    • Okay, okay! 🙂 40 is not that bad…. but I am not there yet! Two full more years to enjoy the ’30’s!
      I still feel my shoulder a bit whenever I sit too long at the sewing machine. I am looking into getting a better ergonomic table for the machine. I do not know where to put it though… I really need a bigger house…
      (I am working on that, although thoings are very very very slow)
      I am enjoying your posts about the plants and animals in the garden, especially the frogs!

  3. Yes, I agree with another comment on healing takes longer as you age, but you know its all worth it. The other day a young man bagging my groceries responded with “your welcome mam, can I help you with your groceries?” I understood when I realized that today I looked my age of approaching 60 and yes, I think it will be just fine!

    Gorgeous colors you’ve chosen and awesome quilting, yeah for FMQ!

    • Hello Caroline!
      I hope you are fine today! Yes, I need to be careful with my shoulder, not overdo it with sewing. I knew I wasn’t 20 anymore when I realised that the kids in my class could technically be my kids…. freaky, ha ha!

    • Hey!
      I am glad that the pillow was such a wonderful project. You never know when you start without a real plan. I just started playing and it turned out great.
      Have a great week!

  4. Hi Esther! Happy Birthday! This is so beautiful table mat and the quilting looks fantastic! I love your hexagon Project and the way you make them squares. x teje

    • Yes the hexagon would make a gorgeous table topper too! I might do just that for a small table in the living room! Thanks for the idea!
      I am also looking forward working on the big hexagon autumn candy quilt. Maybe next weekend?!
      I read you had wonderful weather… I am a bit jealous as we will have bad weather this week… only 11 C and lots of rain!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I agree .. you have found the secrets and joys of life. Use them as much as you can. The colors of your latest project made me think: SHERBERT ice cream … and La Veneziana.
    Lovely work!

    • Yes, you are right. It is kind of simple, but I wanted to use and existing pillowform and reshape it. It worked perfectly well!
      I so adore my new pillow. The colour, the comfort, just fab!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I, too, turned 38 this year.

    Love your work, as always. Even though it’s not “perfect” i really like your quilting on the triangles. There is always a learning curve with new gadgets. The piecing on it is fantastic.

    • Hello Allison!
      Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday TO US!!!
      Thank you for your kind words. I am proud of the piecing of those triangles. I feel more confident to try those again in the future.
      Bye bye

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  8. I finally ordered my ruler toe at uk and received it in only 4 days for £4.35. I am very lucky ! So now I have to order the rulers : Have you an advice, please, for the most useful shapes & sizes ? Thank you

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