Hexie pillow finished!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I feel loved!!!

Last week I finished this adorable (if I say so myself!) hexagon as the front of a pillow. I also promissed to tell you how I created a pillow form for this unsual pillow.

I had an IKEA pillow on hand; one of those cheap ones that consist of a lot of stuffing and a piece of fabric as a form. It is a synthetic fabric, relatively strong. I selected this pillow and not the normal IKEA pillow forms as the fabric those are made from is kind of flimsy.

1. I unpicked the pillow form at the side where it was stuffed. (Original size about 20 x 20 inches)

2. Took all of the stuffing out.  (My cat loved that!)

3. I put my hexagon quilt on top and cut out the shape with the rotary cutter. I placed the hexagon up to the top of an original seem so I did not have to sew that again. ( where the text is in the picture) It also kept the fabric from shifting.At the bottom is the opening of the original pillow/ where it was originally stuffed.

See the remains of the pillow below in the awful picture!

4. I sewed the sided closed again, leaving one side open.

5. Restuffed it again. Not everything fit back in.

6. Sewed the sixth side shut.


I created the pillow itself with a single fabric back and added zipper. (It took 3 zippers to get those right…. Sigh!)

The triangles are made with a charm pack of Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler.

Backing fabric is Moda Basicgrey Daisy Mae Basket.

I love the effect of the quilting!


I also changed the content of two of my embroidery rings that hang in the hallway.

The next one was done with the same fabric as the backing of the pillow.

I quilted over the lines in the pattern of the fabric. The thread is Polyneon by Madeira. I love the lustre of this thread. I used the thread in the bobbin too, agaist the advice of the manufacturer. I did not have any problems with it as a bobbin thread, but my machine tends not to have problems with thread… (so far…).

ONE more picture… of my cat photobombing my attempts of a daylight picture.

Cathugs everyone!


p.s. I am linking u pwith Anything Goes Mondays , Fabric Tuesday and Linky Tuesday and last but not least Finish it up Friday at Crazymumquilts

22 thoughts on “Hexie pillow finished!

  1. I love how everything turned out. I had a feeling that this was how one made hexagonal pillow forms. The quilting in that second hoop is especially fabulous. Congratulations on these lovely finishes!

  2. Gorgeous pillow, gorgeous cat (even if he/she looks a bit annoyed at not being the absolute centre of attention!). Great use of a charm pack – I love it when a project uses everything up.

    • Hi Kate,
      She was a bit of a hassle today… everywhere I went, she went. The worst was she wanting to lay down on the warm computer while I was typing….
      I will hug her for that later ha ha!
      The charm pack is not all gone, I have 9 squares left over and lots of scraps. I don’t know yet what they will be used for. Maybe do some more painttube blocks?

    • Goodevening!
      Can’t say that the embroidery hoop thing was my idea, I saw it on pinterest last year. I love to use them for showcasing a pretty fabric. I will fill more hoops when I find them. I have gotten two old ones and I have put them somewhere in the house… and I can’t find them right now. As it is my vacation, I do not feel like diving into my cupboards, ha ha!

  3. Hi Esther! I love your hexagon pillow and the embroidery hoops are fantastic! Fabrics and the quilting are so beautiful! It’s enjoy to have these around to look! x Teje

  4. Making a pillow in a hexagone shape was courageous!
    I love your quilting on the outside border. It offers a nice contrast with the quilting in the triangles.
    What a good idea to showcase quilting in embroidery rings! I particularly like the one done on the light blue fabric. Simple but gorgeous.

  5. All of these are gorgeous! Love the quilting and fun shaped pillow, and I will totally be putting quilted panels in embroidery hoops now!

  6. Ik heb de link gevolgd van Stitch by Stitch. Geweldig FMQ op je kussen: klein, maar fijn! Bedankt voor de informatie over het aanpassen van de vorm van een IKEA kussen; daar heb ik nooit aan gedacht. Ik heb laatst kussenslopen gemaakt om op HEMA kussens te passen!

  7. These are so lovely and I want to make a hexagon pillow myself now! So inpsiring and I love the colors and use of it all. I love the quilting as well! Lovely job!

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