200 posts… Who knew that after 200 posts I would still have things to show you and to write about?!

200 posts… Filled with sharing, fabric love, design beauties, remarkable patterns and quilty friends!

200 posts… Full of your support and love!


Thank you for being my quilty friends! You are giving me so much joy!

This is a milestone post for me for more than one reason. I have been designing patterns for a while and offering them for sale online. Now I am venturing into trying to sell the patterns in a local quilt shop.

At the beginning of this week we compiled sets of fabric and Chugging Along patterns * and we took them to a quilt show. (Later this week I will write about the quilt show, I promise.)

In order to show the buyer what they were getting I created a shop display. Last weekend I work long and hard on another train with a carriage.

Chugging Along – Locomotive

I left the bottom part out and added a train track and grass to the larger unit with locomotive and carriage later in the process.

The grass was inspired by McTavishing FMQ.

The clouds were quilted with a white thread, FMQ pebbles. The sky was quilted in a light blue thread, swirl hook FMQ patterns as done by Angela Walters. I did try to let the hooks all point horizontally.

We used the mini quilt for the first time in the quilt show in Veldhoven these last four days. The quilt show also includes lots of stalls of which one was rented by my friend Rita.

We offered a complete set of patterns, fabrics for front and back and a piece of batting.

Can you spot the train on the left wall of Rita’s stall?

We also used my hexie pillow as a display.

I really enjoyed the quilt show and trying to sell the items in the stall and hopefully in the quiltshop’s online store later this month!



* The train pattern consists of 31 seperate parts. There are seperate units available, partials sets and of course a complete set.


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26 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Wow, 200 posts is such a great milestone – congratulations! Your mini train is so cute, but the quilting really makes it – I love the puffs of steam coming out of the engine. I look forward to hearing how this process goes for you.

  2. Wow!!! Hugs and congrats to you!!!! Several times, very recently, I have had to pause and reflect back on events that have occurred in the past……but I lost the true perspective of just how far back they happened!!!! Old age????? I’m not sure, cuz our grandsons (18 and 20) are saying the same thing!!! Sigh…………Your train pattern/kits look awesome! The best to you on this venture………………

    • Hi Doreen!
      When designing the paint tube design I “discovered” that I went to art school 18 years ago…. 18 years… Really?! That long ago??? It sure does not feel like that, so I totally get what you are saying.
      I hope that the train kits will be a big hit! A lot of work has gone into them.

  3. Hurray! And congrats getting to 200 posts and getting your patterns out there. Your little finished quilt is verycute, thee quilting looks great on it!

    • Little and big boys love trains, don’t they?! I designed the train set for my two nephews but they seem to be more interested in Spiderman at the moment, ha ha! I learned a lot by designing the trains. I hope to find time to go back to this project and design more blocks to add to the quilt top.
      Have wonderful week!

  4. Congratulations, Esther! You give so much to us – inspirations, ideas and fantastic patterns! I wish you good luck with the pattern selling and of course we all are waiting for NEW exciting patterns! x Teje

    • Hello Teje!
      Great to hear from you again!
      Oh, I wish I had some time to design a new pattern. It is just soooo busy at work and there are lots of WIPs waiting for piecing or a binding. I have decided I will first finish those before I start something new.

      • Take your time. We have enough ‘work’ with these patterns for a while. Your patterns are fantastic because they can be used as a whole, or parts of them – so many choised to be creative. I’m planning a secret Project but will show you asap. x Teje

  5. Congratulations on 200 posts! That’s great! And congratulations too on your new business ventures. Good luck! The train is adorable!

  6. I am interested in your chugging along patterns… Craftsy has cj=hanged to blueprint and there seems to be no where to purchase these? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Dear Melinda,
      Thank you for your patience.
      Could you please send you an email so I can reply to that? I would like to send you a document with all the elements of the pattern so you can choose which one you would like. I can make you a costume order in my Payhip Store.
      Please send me a message on:
      Thank you
      Kind regards,

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