Quilts on Show – Veldhoven part 1

You may have noticed that there is an online quilt show going on RIGHT NOW! About 550 quilts were entered in a total of 12 categories.

Everybody could put their quilt in the show and everybody gets a vote!

You can VOTE for three quilts in each category. You only have to click on the quilt you love and a little red heart appears. With 12 categories, you have 36 votes in total!

There are so many beautiful quilts on show. Why don’t you go over and have a look? When you leave a comment, you may even win a give-away!

I have entered my “Paint it” quilt in the mini category.

I have been absolutely blown away by all of your comments on this wall hanging!!!

Thank you for your kind words, enthusiasm and praise!


There are more “quilts on show” to talk about.

Last week we went to see a Quilt Show. The Open European Quilt Championships 2014 was held in Veldhoven, near the city of Eindhoven. Next year the show will be closer to home, namely in the city of Maastricht.

Anyway, I promised you some quilts! I will show them in separate posts. I sadly do not have the booklet from the show, so I can not tell you the name of the quilter for every quilt.

The theme for the Championship was “Naar de meester”, loosely translated as “Following the master”, which was interpreted by many as using famous artwork as the inspiration for their quilts. Of course many of these famous art works were Dutch.

Lots of Vincent van gogh and Johannes Vermeer.

Vincent van Gogh, “Starry Night”, 1889. Little strips of fabric, appliqued and FMQ. No piecing.

The swan is a cut out from a famous painting by Jan Asselijn, which was/is interpreted as a symbolic political piece from 1650. Thread painting, paint, embellishments (“pearls”)

An a detail from the piece on The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. See all of the buttons?

More pictures in the next post!

Have wonderful week!

p.s. I am linking up with Anything Goes Monday over at Till We Quilt Again


12 thoughts on “Quilts on Show – Veldhoven part 1

  1. Hi Esther! I voted your fantastic quilt! Thank you so much for the pattern! I’m making now secret Project for my sister using the paint tubes. Do you use Instagram? I share some photos there as she doesn’t use Ig. x teje

  2. Hello Esther, I just am head over heals with your “Paint It” piece. I wish you the best in the festival. Also what caught my eye was the way the quilts are hanging in the show–Love that way of displaying them. Thank You for stopping by and linking up with “Anything Goes Monday”. I am enjoying be a guest host and meeting so many new friends. I just started following through B/L and Email and look forward to receiving your posts and following you in the future.

    • Yes I totally agree with you on the art quilts! I hope to show more pictures today. There are more beautiful quilts to look at!!!
      Thank you for suppporting my mini in the BQF.
      bye bye

  3. Hallo Esther, wat een prachtige quilts heb je uitgezocht. Maar ik vind jouw quilt ook prachtig, ik pin hem om op mijn to do lijtje te zetten. Ik ga op je stemmen.
    Groet Maartje Quilt

      • Oh ja Esther,
        Laat snel verbouwen. Rommel heb je toch, wanneer je het ook laat doen, maar als het een maal af is geniet je wel dubbel en denk je had ik het maar eerder gedaan!
        Succes met de verftubes.
        Maartje Quilt

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