Small quilts part 01 – Wrapped Gift

Long time no see!

I hope you are all fine, warm and happy! The weather here is nothing like the snow in Buffalo, I only had to clean my frozen car windows once last week. I surely can’t complain!  And I won’t… I will turn on the central heating and count my blessings.

You know how daily tasks can sneak up on you and claim your free time and energy? Well that is what happened this last month.  One thing had to give, and that was blogging. I did find moments to sew, and I loved every minute of it. Sharing with all you just had to wait a bit. I hope you understand! 🙂

I have been working on several small quilts; all baby quilts and Christmas stockings. The stockings will have to wait for a reveal later so I will start with all of the baby stuff.


Finally someone is having a girl, or actually more people are having baby girls…

Soooooo bring on the pink fabric!

The observant reader may recognize this quilt from August… It had to wait for binding and was presented in October to a gorgeous baby girl from Taiwan adopted by a fellow teacher and his wife.

The fabric was selected to create an Asian look, infused with lots of pink and sunshine!

The pattern is based on a disappearing nine patch (corner blocks) and added borders to create the “Wrapped Gift” idea. See the yellow fabric looks like a ribbon around a gift?

This idea was a kind of happy accident with the yellow strips when I wanted to make the quilt bigger… sometimes things just work out! Right?! 🙂

I have no idea how big the original squares were in the nine patch. I guess they were about 10″ as I had a 25 cm WOF strip of the pink and white large floral fabric. The pink small floral fabric was cut to the same size.

The finished quilt must have been about 36″ square. I forgot to measure.

As you can see I went to town with all of the FMQ.

I added a fabric bow to finish up the “Wrapped Gift” look.

Pink flannel on the back, nice and cuddly!

The Wrapped Gift Quilt was wrapped and gifted!


P.s. Linking up withAnything Goes Monday and Finish it up Friday


29 thoughts on “Small quilts part 01 – Wrapped Gift

    • Hello! The bow dictated the folding of the quilt, but I am happy with its outcome. It is like anither happy accident! 😊
      The bow was attached with a safety pin. The bow and pin were removed before they let the baby near the quilt. The bow, without pin, now helps the baby being distracted during diaper changes, ha ha!

  1. Esther….I am breathless looking at your FMQ……gorgeous!!!!! Isn’t it so much fun??? The “gift/package” idea is an awesome (accident or not!!!). Thanks so much for sharing………………………..

    • Ha ha Doreen,
      You can see I loved to do the FMQ on this baby quilt, right?! I have gotten in the habit of using flannel on the back of baby quilts. It is such a lovely material… I can’t stop touching the back to feel the poofiness of the quilting.

    • Thank you very much Mareenchen!
      I hope it is not so cold where you live, we had snow today… tiny little bit of snow… but it was SNOW… and I am not a fan of the white stuff, ha ha!
      Bye bye

  2. Wow Esther:

    The parents received a DOUBLE gift! This is one of the sweetest quilts you have ever made. I was impressed with the application of all of your skills. May the baby and her new family have a happy life.

    • Thank you very much!!!
      The quilt is received with lots of joy. The baby uses it every day and the bow is neccessary to get the girl dressed. She wants something interessting to look at, I guess! 🙂
      Lots of HUGS,

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