Small quilts part 03

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and have had wonderful joy filled holidays!

I have been taking some much-needed rest from blogging and sewing. My teaching job has peak moments of intense work and when combined with family holidays and commitments it can all be a bit too much.

Yeah I survived…


It feels like my shoulder is getting better too! Yippee!

I can finally sit at my sewing machine for an hour without feeling like I just survived the bashing of the “hot laundry cycle” in the washing machine. No more OUCH! Yippee again!

I have SLOWLY been working on some other small projects: two more baby quilts and a small pillow

I am trying to use of some of my stash. When I started quilting I bought most of my fabrics in the local market; all were 1,5 m cuts. Great for backings, but when you are using bits here and there, the fabric seems endless. I still like these fabrics, but I LOVE other fabrics more. I had to create space in my sewing room for those other gorgeous fabrics.

This little quilt is about 24 inches square.

It was received very well by one of my colleagues you became a grandfather this month. He immediately asked me if I could make him another one, as a commission. That quilt is also finished (will show you next week) and only needs its binding. I did use a different pattern but the same fabrics… Yes, so I could use them up… still not there yet…

FMQ on the squares quilt was done in 4 rows: each row a different pattern. Just for fun!

My favorite pattern of the moment… I plead guilty of using it in many other projects!

Start with a swirl, create spikes/star points, echo those, echo twice with round bounces, add some feathers and echo those!

Swirl/spiral hooks.

Spiral/swirl with feather-petals around.

And a kind of zig zag meander, which is harder than it looks (for me at least).

The second baby quilt that was finished was this one:

I started with 12,5 inches squares two of each pink fabric. I turned the squares into 4 HST blocks. Those were cut down to 12 inches square. Then I subcut the blocks in strips of 3 inches wide. Rearrange the strips and you end up with the “tooth block” (I do not know the official name) You end up with rectangular blocks, so beware! I added a border to get to about 24 inches on the short side.

You may recognize the fabrics from two other small projects. Yep, you got me! I trying to use that pink fabrics up too!

Ha, did you see? I use the same FMQ pattern again…

I told you it was my favorite at the moment.

Soft pink flannel on the back… that fabric is also almost gone! Yeeha!

I love the pebbles. Just wish I had created a bit of space between the two FMQ patterns by echoing the stitch-in-the-ditch of the zigzag of the block one more time. Oh well, the pebbles were lovely to touch!

As with the other baby quilts, I have made a handwritten label. I am still missing my printed labels… where in the world are they? I am thinking that I may have accidentally thrown them out. OOPS!

The last small project of today is this 14 inch pillow for the daughter of a friend. The daughter needed a pick-me-up. Her favorite colours are purple and blue.

I used a purple metallic thread which gave me a headache. I think there is a little burr in my machine because the thread kept breaking. Others using the same thread have not had the same problem at all. Okay, my machine needs a check-up.

Sadly the enormous sparkle does not photograph at all, so you just have to believe me!

I used a piece of gifted, hand marbled fabric for the backing.

A quilt buddy and I have all the equipment to try this marbling for ourselves. We just have to set a date! I hope to show you the results this Spring.

I wish you lots of love, hugs, tenderness and the BEST for 2015!

Happy New Year to you all!


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14 thoughts on “Small quilts part 03

  1. What size squares did you use in the first quilt?? I have a baby/youth quilt to do for a young lad (tractors and trucks!) and would think just blocks such as these would do nicely (a sort of “I Spy” type quilt). Love your quilting….especially the swirl w/ spikes w/ bounces w/ feathers and echoes!!!!!! LOL! The “swirl” is a great starting point for so many motifs and gives a very even quilt pattern. The jagged zig-zag is a tough one for me to get evenly placed over all. I did something similar to it on a client’s quilt (turned out looking great) but took scads of time to think through what the next direction should be to be evenly spaced. You are definitely making up for being “off grid”!!!! Hugs………

    • Hey Doreen, The squares were 6,5 inches, the size of the ruler. It is a nice size to work with! Now, I am of to see the ballet: Snowwhite! Hugs Esther

      Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

      > Op 30 dec. 2014 om 15:53 heeft ipatchandquilt het volgende geschreven: > > >

      • That size works for me!!! Although, I’m sure that any size will do the trick!! I’ll have to wait and see what themed fabric I can find and how large the tractor/trucks are. Thanks for the quick answer and I do hope the ballet is grand (I love the ballet!!!!!!)…………….

  2. So, despite not being able to sit at your machine for long, or spending much time sewing and quilting, you still have loads of things to show us! I like the star / bounce / feather quilting design very much. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to seeing what you have to show us in the coming year.

  3. Such lovely projects and very beautiful quilts and I just love the pillow .. interesting color choices with the purplish shiny thread .. just the right amount of “pick-me-up” one could even say cuddly.

  4. The darling “tooth” quilt is called Delectable Mountain, and isn’t it fun and amazing what shifting those strips create? Lovely FMQ work; I always enjoy seeing what you do with your quilting.

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