Small quilts part 04 – W.I.P.s

Remember this little quilt form last month?

The recipient commissioned me to make another one with the same fabric. This is what I came up with.

This little baby quilt has got its binding by now and is already in its new home.

When digging through my stash I found a pile of cut fabric once destined for another baby quilt. I changed my plan and come up with this little quilt. I really like the pattern I figured out. I will use it idea again.

I think this bright and cheery one will go to another colleague of mine, another grandchild! Just some binding to be added when we know it is a boy or a girl.

I also dug up some HST in pink and green. Well… they had to be turned into something new too! Another baby quilt added to the gift pile.

(Oh boy, I have never had so many babies being born amongst my colleagues and their families.)


Note to self:Β  with busy fabrics on front and back, I must not spend time on fancy FMQ. It is not visible at all! A simple loop or stippling would have done the trick.


Lovely fabrics, but I am glad to be using them up. I need the space for other fabrics I love more!

We can’t just keep on collecting fabrics, we need to use them, right?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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16 thoughts on “Small quilts part 04 – W.I.P.s

    • It feels reallly good to be quilting again, all be it small projects. actually that suits me just fine at the moment! Quick projects that do not require hours and hours behind the machine. I may have some more quilts lined up to show you all this Friday!
      Have a nice week!

    • Hello Linda,
      Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment!
      I really LOVE the FMQ on that star quilt…. I think I have used the same pattern about half a dozen times now, and I might keep on going, ha ha!
      Bye bye

  1. “We can’t just keep collecting fabrics, we have to use them”. What?! Are you mad? Everyone know that a quilter’s whole purpose in life is to have the biggest stash in the universe, and only grudgingly bring out treasured pieces when they absolutely have to πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha, that too, but I really need to have some space for those treasures that I want to keep forever! πŸ˜‰
      There is fabric in my stash that I have never touched in fear that I would have nothing left and I would not be able to find more. luckily I do know that there is sooooooo much gorgeous fabric out there, that I could fall in love with a new one every week!
      YAY for stash busting and YAY for fabric shopping!

      • The stash I’d really like to make a hole in is my dressmaking fabrics, which are using up quilting fabric space in my cupboard. So I’ll be making some clothes this year, just so I can buy more quilting fabrics!

  2. I just love the last quilt .. the one with the birds and bees; it reminds me of springtime. I saw the first signs in my gardenia bush; need to start feeding it so there will be lots of flowers. Small proejcts can be just as rewarding as big ones. Keep on stitching.

    • Spring it arriving at your house already? OH MY WORD…. the weather is really nasty here, wind, rain… Luckily it is warm for this time of year. But still, I rather stay indoors!

  3. Oh, I love all of those – so bright and cheery! Go on over to Michelle’s Romantic Tangle – she has a linky party for baby quilts – I know she’d love to see yours.
    I’m going to have to make one of that pattern you came up with – so darling.

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