Small quilts part 05

Just before Christmas, I came across the Anita’s Arrowhead pattern.

The block is created through a very clever cutting technique starting with the squares: one light and one dark. At the moment the pattern is still FREE to download.

I really liked working with this new type of block construction. Very inspiring!

The pattern starts with two 8 inch squares and the block you end up with is 9×9.

Well, I didn’t… I had to cut down the block a tad bit to 8,5 inches, but I was fine with that.  I think that the fabric that I was using is a little bit thicker than quilting cotton and with every seam I was losing width of the fabric. Oh well, I still really liked the outcome!

I will be using the pattern again!

Again, trying to get rid of all the pink fabric from my local-market-fabric-stash!

This next photo shows the colours the best:

Just went wild with feather shapes in the quilting!

Quilt stats:

– 21,5 inches square

– backing flannel

– polyester thread, very thin, white.

I have make lots of baby quilts these last couple of weeks. Just click through my previous posts to view them!

Bye bye!

p.s. Linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday, (link) and Lets make Baby Quilts with Michelle’s Romantic Tangle, (link) and Finish it Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts

22 thoughts on “Small quilts part 05

  1. Lovely quilt for a little girl, and thank you so much for the download link, I think I may be using this for the the quilt I’m making for my sister! I need something for the next border and was looking around for something pretty but easy. Anita’s Arrowhead certainly fits the bill.

    • I totally agree with you: the arrowhead is pretty AND easy to do! I will also be using it in a future quilt. The perfect fabric will turn up for it, as it always does!

    • Hello!
      The rather small borders kept the feather leaves nice and even. I gladly did not have to draw any lines ont he quilt. Next time I will use a different thread: this was a very fine polyester in white. Nice for piecing, but I like a more visible thread for the quilting. It is not like I do not own any other thread (AHUM!)
      Bye bye

  2. Beautiful quilting. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Looks like it would be fun. I don’t usually do blocks that are on point and I like that this one looks like it’s on point without actually needing to fill in space around an on point block!

    • Hello Sarah,
      Yes, the pattern is wonderful , isn’t it? It really is just an optical illusion as it is just a normal square and not set on point. It looks so much work cutting the fabric and such, but you just sew around two large squares. Cut that up and reassemble. So inventive!
      Have wonderful weekend!

    • Pink lovers, unite!
      No, I actually do not like pink, but a lot of my fabrics are pink. Maybe because there is not a good local source for interesting non-pink girly cotton fabrics outside of the quilt shop in the next town. Anyway, I am trying to use these non-quilting cottons, that is why there are so many smaller projects in my blog with all babyquilts.
      Have a lovely weekend and I hope it rains for you!

  3. I’ve been working on feathers this month. I love just looking at yours. I’m tempted to make the quilt just to play with the quilting the way you did it.

    • I would love to see yours. I so enjoy looking at your blogpost with the enlarged blocks. I sooooo want to play along!!!!! I will, but first I have to finish all of the project that I have started and clean this sewing room before I am ” allowed” to start a new project. I will catch up somehow!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Yes, me too!
      I was actually amazed how simple this is. There must be many other interesting blocks we could create like this, right? I have to think about that a bit.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

    • No I do not have a long arm. I have Janome 7700 Horizon domestic machine. It has a larger throat space (11 inches) than regular machines. You could FMQ like this an a regular DMS, but making larger quilts be more difficult. For little things, like baby quilts, there will be no problem at all!
      I learned how to FMQ on the old Pfaff from my grandma, dating back to 1961. When I found out I was really hooked, I invested in a better and larger machine.
      I am saving up though to buy a new (extra) machine, like a Tiara / Sweet 16. But that will only be possible once I move to a bigger house, not enough room in my current home.. what to do? Sell the house! Yep, I have put my house on the market in order to get a bigger sewing room.
      I told I was addicted!

    • Goodmorning Angie!
      Me too! Sometimes the quilting is OK, sometimes I like it, but on this one I LOVE it!
      Have a warm Monday, it is freezing here and I do not feel like leaving the house. Will have to though, can’t have the kids waiting for me in school, right? Or can I? 😉

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