For the “Girls”

This autumn us girls visited the local castle “Kasteel Hoensbroek”. It a medieval structure, but it has been majorly overhauled in more recent years. The oldest part of the building, the round tower, dates back to 1360.

The castle houses a museum and large rooms used for weddings and receptions.

Here is pretty picture from Wikipedia:

The museum houses fully decorated rooms, but most of the painting are reproductions sadly. But the overall feel of the museum is nice.

Some rooms were more medieval in style, other more 18th century

Above a quilted vest for a soldier. Reproduction of course.

Once in a while the museum has a special exhibition. This time the theme was undergarments through the ages.

The lady in the above picture was said to have had 24 children…. I think she needed the support of a corset after all that. (I don’t know how many children survived their childhood )

The displays with garments were chronological, showing pictures and actual clothing.

Lots of mending on these silk stockings from the ’40s or ’50s. People really had to use and reuse their clothing. Nothing was thrown away.

To come to think about it: why in the world would someone keep the above stockings until 2014? I do know most of these pieces were from a special collector of underwear. Maybe he (!) got this one early on or it may have been from one of his family members.

If I remember correctly these dated back to the ’20s and ’30s. Flat-chested was the way to go!

In earlier days the less endowed ladies could try this. LOL, put some hot pads on your chest… NO, it is a bra with padding!

I’m actually not sure what these are for. Does anybody know? I forgot to take a picture of the description.


Madonna, watch out!

Also here, the less endowed could get “fluffy” bra’s. Look at all that fringy lace on the breasts. In hot weather your would be very uncomfortable, wouldn’t you?

You could even crochet your own bra….


Girls or boys, whenever you feel like doing some crochet, maybe make one of these? Send me a picture if you do!


12 thoughts on “For the “Girls”

    • Hi Carla!
      It is a pretty building but I do not think it would justify a trip to Europe. LOL! But if you are ever in the neigbourhood, dorp me a line, I will give you a guided tour through the castle and the other villages and towns.

  1. I wish I knew how to forward this to Renee & Toby. He studies at Fordham University / medieval studies. Since Renee saw this castle in 2009 (?) they would love to see the pictures and history.

    • Hi Annie,
      Just go to my blog directly and find the blogpost. Click on the title, this will take you to a new page. Now find the URL on the top of the screen ( internet program). Select the whole URL , copy that by “right click, copy” and paste that in your email by ” right click, paste”

  2. I think I’d have been happier in the 20s and 30s than in the 40s and 50s…. Lovely Limburg architecture, with the fabulous slate roof, very typical. I love that quilted army doublet too, which must have made wearing armour over the top a lot more comfortable.

  3. Crocheted bra: DIY in excess! Moreover it doesn’t seem very comfortable. Those padded bras might be for nursing mothers, to absorb the occasional leak just before feeding time, and avoid embarrassing stains on clothing. Interesting exhibition.

    • Hi Marly!
      I think you are right about the padding. Sounds logical. The exhibition was nice, but not worth a long drive, in my opinion. Just worth a visit when you are in the neighbourhood.

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