An Easter Parade

This week an exclusive “Behind the Scenes” of my newest paper piecing pattern “An Easter Parade”!

I started with some small sketches.

I redrew the design on the computer with EQ7. I finally took the plunge..

Yes , I bought the software I have been drooling over for over a year.

Yes, it is expensive.

Yes, it took me a few tries to get things right.

There are still things in the program that do not make sense to me, but I will figure it out.

I am happy that I bought it.

Directly after printing the designs, I pieced these giant 9 inch Easter Eggs! LOVE!

The eggs requested some company!

I did not like the ears in the bunny designs; way too complicated! Too many small pieces. I redrew the ears to a single ear. There are still small pieces, but not that many.

The six blocks were moved from left to right to get the lay out I liked the best.

Assembly time!

I decided on just stitching in the ditch and no FMQ.

The bunny and the chick got buttons for eyes.

A single fold binding, finished by hand.

Admiring the bright Spring colours.

In all its glory!

Size: 34 x 13,5 inches.

I need a week or so to write up the pattern and than I will give the official shout-out for testers.
Edit 02-13: the testers are all hard at work at the moment!
I will be showing their results as they come in!

Buying the software was part of a deal I made with myself: 2015 is the year of “DARE”!

I tend to hold back on certain things. Sometimes out of fear and sometimes thinking that other things are more important.

So I am DARING myself: buy the software, write that pattern, join that quilt along, be in contact with others, etc.

Besides the software and the pattern I also joined INSTAGRAM this week. Yep, I jumped into that one too! 🙂

You can find me there as ipatchandquilt. Let me know how I can find you all on instagram and I will follow you!

How do you DARE yourself?



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44 thoughts on “An Easter Parade

  1. That’s so sweet, looks like you got to grips with EQ very quickly! I think I’ll always be too old school, and besides, I’d be far more likely to do something like that in appliqué! This year, I dare myself to unpick my Lone Star mess to turn it into a lovely quilt for the Husband. I don’t want to, I’m scared of mucking it up, but I WILL.

    • The basics of the program are similar to Adobe Illustrator, but EQ7 has its specific “nasty bugs” i.e. things that are not logical to me. Anyway, I will investigate and educate myself. The program is not perfect but it is WAY quicker than Illustrator and Photoshop.

      I really like your DARE! I too tend to step away from quilts or projects that scare me a bit. I should not… Let’s dare ourselves to get over that!

  2. Hi!!!!  It is adorable!!!!  You take good dares!!!! Yaa!!!! hugs carla

    never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon From: ipatchandquilt To: Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2015 3:22 PM Subject: [New post] An Easter Parade #yiv0811697906 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0811697906 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0811697906 a.yiv0811697906primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0811697906 a.yiv0811697906primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0811697906 a.yiv0811697906primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0811697906 a.yiv0811697906primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0811697906 | ipatchandquilt posted: “This week an exclusive “Behind the Scenes” of my newest paper piecing pattern “An Easter Parade”!I started with some small sketches.I redrew the design on the computer with EQ7. I finally took the plunge..Yes , I bought the software I have” | |

  3. Esther, this is just adorable and so springy looking, I can almost smell the flowers! If you need a tester, I would be glad to help out!

    • That is just wonderful! Thank you for wanting to help me out! I will let you know when the pattern is ready!
      I am so happy that you all like the pattern. It was really a joy to design.
      Bye bye

    • It is a bulky program that EQ7 . I think there is lots to learn about it. Maybe I need to print out the manual and make notes in it. We need to put study-time in!
      i hope you are having a good day!

  4. What an adorable pattern. I love seeing your process. It really is just too cute! Right now I am daring to prepare for and teach a class at my LQS.

  5. Hi Esther! This is Super cute and beautiful Easter Parade! I’m happy for you to get that EQ, I’m sure it’s very useful for you. Happy also to follow you now in IG (your link doesn’t take there yet). If you still need pattern tester, please add me on the list. Happy sewing Sunday and good month! x Teje

    • Hello Teje,
      Thank you for wanting to help testing! I will let you know when I have the pattern done!
      I hope to get more playtime with the program by the end of this week. The next couple of days are busy with other commitments. But tonight I will have good commitment: going to the theatre with my students: ” As you like it” by am looking forward to it!

    • Goodafternoon!
      Yes the daffodil took some puzzling! I am really happy with how it turned out! I started with copying a photo, but that just did not work out. I finally just drew what looked good to me and ignored the photo. Best descision for this design.
      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. It is beautiful. I particularly love the daffodil. I am a bit scared of paper piecing, I need to DARE myself to have a go this year. I am @Kellyfairy in IG, I have been there for years, I love all the inspiration and the community.

    • Hello Kelly!
      Yes, paper piecing can be a true DARE! Just try it with a simple project first. Take your time. And please know that even more experienced piecers make the same mistakes as a beginner ( don’t ask!)
      Once you get the techniques it is very rewarding!
      Have fun with it, and if you need help, let me know!

  7. Welcome spring .. indeed. Colors and patterns are very uplifting. What a great start for your dare; very well done!

  8. I know I’m late, but if you still could use another tester….I would love to do it!!! The snow is falling (4″-6″…..I think the higher # for sure!!) and we’re home from beautifully warm Texas!!!! Back to the quilting/Sewing tomorrow!! Laundry almost finished…Yay! I LOVE that piecing!!!! I’m ready for Spring! Your little quilty is awesome!!!!! Hugs………………

    • Hey hey Doreen!
      That is wonderful! I would love it if you could help out too!
      Oh noooo, snoooow! And only just when you got home form sunny Texas. Well, now you know why you are buying that love nest in Texas! 😉

      • ROFL!!!! I hadn’t really thought of our southern get-away quite in those terms!! Thank you for making me smile/giving me the giggles!!!!!
        I’ve been trying to figure out practical sewing projects to take during those southern days and…and……yes!…..I’ve decided it’s time to get a tad serious about my paper-piecing proficiency (LOVE ALLITERATION!!!!) and even bought a ruler that will be easier to use to do the 1/4″ trimming!!! I look forward to the “test”!!!!! Hugs (all covered in fluffy white stuff) comin’ at ya………………………………..

  9. Hi Esther,
    I like your patterns and blog. I love the eggs and want to test. I have EQ7, too. Still learning and think it is not a perfect one, but it helps. I appreciate if you write me back to discuss a little bit problems with the software.

    • Hello Rumi,
      Thank you for your offer!
      I do not know if I can answer any of your questions about EQ7. I have only had the program for a week! 🙂 But I am sure willing to try!
      You can email me at: esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
      Have a nice week!

  10. What great patterns! I had no idea you DIDN’T already have EQ7,you already were making so many cool patterns! I’m sure your patterns will only get better from here, this is one is super cute!

    • Hello Renee,
      I have been working with Illustrator and Photoshop: all doable, but such a long process as I have to shape each part of a pp pattern. All those tiny corners drove me nuts. EQ7 now does that for me as it creates the ” puzzles pieces in one click. I have discovered though that EQ is much more sensitive to certain things: lines keep disappearing. I am sure that has to do with me just jumping in and not reading through the entire manual YET. Taking it one step at a time!
      Have a nice day!
      I am going to bed… bed time already here in Europe!

    • Hi Sheri,
      No actually, I was still looking for about two to three people, so I will add you to the emailing list. Once I have the pattern written up you can make up your mind if you want to test.
      Thank you for your offer!

  11. Hi Esther! I tested two of your blocks and sent you picture but didn’t hear back from you, so maybe my emails got lost or went into the spam 😦 let me know if you want me to send the pictures and feedback again! Loved the blocks!!

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