Gift times two

Two girls that are in my classes were deserving a gift. I have been sharing pictures of the WIPs of these gifts on Instagram this week (Please, come find me @ipatchandquilt). Some of you might recognize these pillows!

( I am in AWE of how quickly I was accepted in the IG community. Thank you all! I am thoroughly enjoying myself!!!)

Girl B was ill for a while, but luckily she is back in school again. A little bit TOO QUICK, ha ha! I was not able to get the little pillow all done before her coming back. I am just glad she is able to be in school again. I asked here peers what colours she has in her room and they decided that a grown up grey with bright blue was the thing to go for.

Block found in the EQ7 software

I added a silver metallic thread in the lightest blue fabric. (Boy, it is hard to photograph metallic thread! Tips, anyone?)

As you can see in the next photo, I did not quilt in the ditch. The wiggly line already created enough contrast in the poof. I was happy to keep it like this.

It keeps on amazing me how different a project looks once it is quilted. At the beginning the top did not really struck me by its beauty. But by the time is was turned into a pillow, I really liked/loved it!

The back:

And you know… once I had the pillow in the living room for a little photo shoot, I was not that sure I really wanted to give it away. It goes perfectly with my decor!


Girl S has difficult personal circumstances she is fighting very hard to overcome. To boost here spirits, and dress her new room, I made her a small pillow too. Her favorite colour combination is dark grey with a bright colour added.

I dug out this “orphan block” for testing the Blooming Hot pattern:

I added a border in the dark grey to get the whole thing to a bigger size.

A little bit of FMQ: in the dark grey a stipple, wiggles, lines and hearts in the flower.

That grey fabric attracted dust like a magnet!

The light colour is a neon yellow-green.

Add a button, and DONE!

And the “obligatory shot” of back:

Both pillows were stuffed with pillow forms of 14 x 14 inches.

I have used many scraps for these two projects. The dark grey (above) is almost gone, and I was able to use an orphan block. The very light blue from pillow A has been reduced to a very small piece. And all of the blues and teals/turquoises in the same pillow were all scraps or cuts from FQ’s. (I am finally almost at the end of the scraps left over from a massive bed quilt.)

Shhht….I could say that I am making room for new fabric that’s on its way… but there is MORE new stuff arriving than the scraps I am able to use up. Don’t tell anyone, okay?! 🙂

Here is my cat, shoving it in my face, that I am officially a fabric and thread addict.




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24 thoughts on “Gift times two

  1. How generous of you! You got a good photo of the metallic thread – I see sparkles! I haven’t used it myself but have read many bloggers bemoaning not being able to show off the delightful sparkles.

    • SMILE! That was the only picture I managed that caught the sparkle of the thread. Must have been just lucky, I guess!
      I just received an email by the parents of the younger girl who got the pillow with the blocks. I was glad to read they all appreciated the gift very much.
      Have great weekend!

    • Yes, they sure did. The girls did not really knew how to respond to receiving a gift from a teacher. Gifting between students and teachers in a highschool is very uncommon here. Cards are exchanged sometimes, but that is rare too.
      I hope you have had a lovely Saturday!

    • It was a top thread, but I broke a million times. I have had trouble with this type of thread on my machine. I have heard people using all kind of thicker thread in the bobbin.(“thread work”) I could not try this as that meant quilting up side down. I would not be able to stick to the light blue “borders”.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Lovely pillows .. the second one “really packs a punch”. Am sure both will be lovingly appreciated. Is that a thread on your cat’s nose?

  3. Beautiful cushions, and very generous of you. I think I wouldn’t want to part with them either. LOL at your cat portrait; at my work they’ve nicknamed me Mrs Thready!

    • Hi Raewyn,
      I was kind of lucky there, somehow I bought 4 pieces of blue fabric during the course of time that were a perfect match. All of the teals/aquas were bought a few years ago for a very large bed quilt. There were the last bits (really bits) I had left from that project!
      Have a nice Sunday!

  4. These two young ladies will treasure these pillows! What special gifts! Both are beautiful but I think my favorite is the first one. Love how you used the patterned ‘solid’ pieces in the center of each little block.

    • Hello Zenda!
      Yes the first pillow is my favorite too! It was fun putting my scraps into a new project. I do know I can’t keep all my fabric for ever and ever… Or can I? ☺️
      Hope you are having a nice day!

  5. It feels good to give a quilty hug, doesn’t it? Those girls are going to be very happy with their new pilllows, and your work will brighten up their lives.
    PS: my Christmas fabrics arrived today! K xxx

  6. Beautiful pillows. I especially like the back of the first one. I Tried metallic threads years ago. You inspire me to give it another shot.

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