Flower Pillow

Last time I was in my Local Quilt Shop I received a tutorial flyer for a very cute round pillow. Everytime I buy fabric there, I get one of these nice tutorials. Great stuff!

(I have tried to find this tutorial online, but could not locate it.)

As you can see, the tutorial has you cut out the templates and select the desired fabrics.

Which I did…. and that left me with big chunks cut from my pink fabric. That was OK, as these fabrics I had plenty of.

The round pillow was nice, but I wanted a bit more quirky, a bit more floral.

So, I reshaped it.

Cute he?

But that left me with scraps. Even more weird shaped pieces of left over fabric.

Looking at the pink pillow, I saw I could create the same look if I used strips of fabric instead of cutting several pieces with templates. This new construction technique would not give me as much fabric play, but it would eliminate fabric waste. (or at least leave you with rectangular scraps in the end)

I am working on a tutorial for that flower pillow. Before I overload you with a gazillion pictures of how to make one yourself, I will show you my pillows first.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 1 looked the most interesting to me, so I pieced it together. These pillows are just stuffed and sewn shut.

Adding some simple FMQ with the curved longarm rulers and the special ruler toe.

It is big!

I decided to try a smaller size!

Starting with this:

See, the middle strip is smaller than before?

Adding lots of FMQ this time!

As some of you might have already guessed, there are TWO parts to this pillow construction. The front and back are each others mirror image. So instead of making one flower pillow, you could do two! Use a another fabric for the back and hey presto!

Side 1:

Side 2:

(Oh scrap, I sewed on some scraps….)

The pillow put together.

and yeah… OF COURSE I just had to make a third version…

This one is still just a top. I do not know if I will turn this into another pillow, or two pillows as I have two of these. Maybe turn one into a tabletopper?

The pattern for this pillow does create some scraps too, but you COULD if you are up to some FUSSY PIECING turn them into a small round pillow! ( I mean, this is just for those quiltaholics… you know who you are! )

I have cut out the centre of this piece as it was very bulky. I will applique a circle over the hole later.


For the construction of a flower pillow you need:

– 3 different fabrics, 3 strips or each WOF: outer strips need to be the same width. ( 9 strips in total )

– a ruler with 60 degree angles (lines) on it.

– regular sewing and quilting supplies.


You can find a tutorial on the construction for this star /flower pillow HERE.



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22 thoughts on “Flower Pillow

  1. It is just amazing to see you change a pattern like that. All of the pillows & table throws are gorgeous. Also loved the picture of the tulips and the cat. Keep up practicing your amazing ideas!

    • Hi Annie,
      Yes the cat just had to be in my pictures too! She has been sleeping in the sun in the living room the whole week. Miss Sleepy Head!
      I really love coming u pwith designs like this. The “negative” is that I end up with sooooo many pillows in my house. I do make some of them for friends and family so they do not all stay.
      The flower pillows are staying in my house, at least the yellow and grey one(s).
      Hugs and kisses

    • Thank you Marly! The pillow you speak of is actually not red, but a very bright neon pink. It is very hard to photograph! It is very bright and gives me the feeling of summer!
      Hope you will enjoy the totorial!

    • Yep, you got me… so much pillows! In the living room it is alright, just three. But in the bedroom closet… way to many empty pillows. Ha ha, I keep cutting up the IKEA pillow forms! Need to buy new ones, obviously!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I’ll wait patiently for your tutorial since I have several projects I’m working on right now. All of these are so colorful but I especially love your quilting designs within. STUNNING!.

  3. Wow! Those pillows are super cute! I am not sure I’m up to piecing something like that, but I loved seeing all your projects. And the table topper is a great idea.

    Isn’t ruler work so much fun? But also slow?

    • Hi Jasmine,
      The construction is actually pretty easy! Just clever cutting! The tutorial is on my blog.
      I like the ruler work. Yes it is slow, but I use it mostly on small projects. There are some bigger quilts in the making that were designed with ruler work in mind. Let’s wait and see how the rulerwork goes with the BIG quilts!
      Have a lovely week!

    • Thank you very much Teje! It was a fun project! I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, but did not have had time to write about.
      Hope you and your family are well!
      Bye bye

  4. Love all the variations (especially the color combo on the last). The quilting sets of the piecing wonderfully!!!!! Round/star/petal shaped table toppers are always nice!!!!! Beautiful pattern!!!!

    • Hello Doreen!
      Thank you for your lovely comment!
      Me too, the last colour combo is my favorite. The other two were test pieces and I did not want to break out the expensive fabrics. At least one of those last ones will be a pillow. I may give the other ones away or they may also be used as shop window displays at my sister and BIL’s sewing machine store.
      Have a lovely Wednesday!

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    • SMILE!
      I don’t know but it seems I am the first to share a pillow like this online. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. Weird when you come to think of it. The design is not that complicated.
      I was happy to discover how to do it!
      Bye bye

  6. Goodness you have been busy! I just love this ‘pillow’ I think its a fantastic idea and could definitely use one myself. Love what you have done around your home with the design.

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