Flower Pillow – TUTORIAL

Yesterday I showed you the results of my experimenting with flower pillows and the FMQ. If you have not seen my previous post, please have a look. There are some pictures there that might interest you.

Today I will show you how to create your own pillows!

It’s tutorial time!!!


Besides the regular quilting tools you need a ruler that has 30 and 60 degrees lines.


Before we start:

a. The instructions will give you a pillow of 20,5 inches wide.

b. We will be making TWO sides to this pillow. These sides are each others mirror image. I have used them as the front and back of ONE pillow, but you could use them as the fronts of TWO pillows.

It is NOT possible to only make ONE side. You need to make TWO sides to get the right amount of correct pieces. Once you have all 12 squares cut into the wedges, you will understand!just understand that making half of this pattern will NOT give you the results as in the picture!

c. Both sides are constructed in the same way.

d. You could make this pillow any size you want. Make sure you cut enough strips to end up with 12 squares.

e. There will be some scraps:

1. The ends of the strip sets can be used in other projects. The scraps are rectangular.

2. The cut offs (slithers) from the main pillow construction can be put together for a BONUS PROJECT. I show this at the end of the tutorial.



Step 1:

Prepare your fabrics. I advize to lightly starch your fabric. We will be working on the bias later on and we don’t want the fabric to stretch!

Cut strips of fabric:

– fabric 1:    3 strips WOF, width 4″

– fabric 2:    3 strips WOF, width 2,5″

– fabric 3:    3 strips WOF, width 4″

Lay the fabrics from left to right: fabric, 1, 2 and 3


Step 2:

Sew the three strips together. Do that for all three strip sets.

Press the seam to the same side each time. The seams are going in the same direction. (Up & up, or down & down. It does not matter which way you press as long as the seams are NOT pointing to each other or pointing away from each other.)


Step 3:

Measure the hight of your strip. It should be 9,5″, but it could be a bit less depending on your seam allowances. Use whatever hight the strip is to cut SQUARES.

Remember to trim your strip regularly so you end up with squares. You have enough fabric to do this after every square.

Sort the squares in two PILES OF SIX.


Step 4:

Careful now, you don’t want to mess this step up!

Cut the FIRST PILE diagonally like this.

Cut the SECOND PILE diagonally like this:


Step 5:

Grab the right piece from the first pile and the right piece from the second pile. put them together.

(Do the same for the other pieces you have left.  Put them to the side.)

At this time in the writing of this tutorial, I changed my plan, so I don’t have a picture of the next step. Oops!

Align the two triangles. Use the nesting seams and pin!

Sew along the diagonal. (Ignore the lines in the picture underneath, please!)

Open up the seams.


Step 6:

Now get your ruler with the 30 and 60 degrees lines on it. You may have to turn your ruler or even flip it around to get it to look like my picture.

Mark the lines.

You should end up with a block with these lines:

Before you cut on the lines, CHECK if there is 60 degrees between the lines!

Cut off the small slithers. SAVE THEM!


Step 7:

It is wise to trim the dog ears on the tips now.

Put THREE of the same blocks on the table.

Put two blocks right sides together and pin. Use those nesting seams!

Place an extra pin in the tip of the block.

Sew the blocks together. Stop at the middle!

Open the block and press the seams open.

Okay, now repeat with the last of the three blocks.


Step 8:

Now repeat what you have just done with the remaining three similar blocks.

Now grab both semi circles and pin them together.

With this many seams at the centre of the block I start sewing from the outside to the centre. There I break thread and do the opposite side in the same way. This works for me. Do whatever works for you!

Open up the seams.


Step 9:

Alright, You have now created one star flower. Now piece the other pieces to form the second star. See how they are each others mirror image?


Step 10:

Put two quilt sandwiches together. I used muslin as the backing. Quilt the stars however you like.

Two examples:

Very lightly quilted:

Smothered in quilting:


Step 11:

Trim the points of the star. I used a role of tape to trace around.

Now place both quilted pieces, right sides together and sew around the edge. (blue line)

(It is up to you if you want to create two pillows or just one. If you want two, add a different fabric to the backing of the pillows! )

Leave open 7 to 8 inches. Make sure you sew around the points of the star / flower petals.

Turn the pillow inside out.

Press you pillow.


Step 12:

I cut open a 20×20″ pillow form and used the stuffing for the flower pillow.

Stuff it! Go for the points first!

Hand sew the pillow shut.


Step 13:

You can add a button to the centre if you like. Put a button on each side of the pillow and pull the buttons tightly together. This makes the pillow look like a real flower.

You can also just leave the pillow as it is.


Pillow size: 20,5″, hight 6,5″

(The blue and red pillow is bigger. I used 4″strips of each fabric for the construction. It ended up about 25″ wide. I stuffed it with one and a half cut up pillow forms)


BONUS project:

All of the slithers we cut off the squares can be put together to form another pillow front! It is a slow and fiddly job, but also a lot of fun!

Match the slithers up.

Piece them together into pizza slices.

Piece three pizza slices into a quarter circle.

Now watch out. Play around with the 4 quarter circles you have created. They are NOT all the same. There are two of each.

See how there are two pieces of grey/yellow next to each other? This can not be avoided if you want this nice circle pillow.

As you may have spotted, I did cut out the centre of this block. It was too bulky. I will be putting some applique down later this week.

This new round BONUS PROJECT could be a nice additional pillow front or maybe a nice tabletopper.

It will be about 14″ wide.

I could imagine using the pizza slice blocks for a mug rug or even a semi circular make up bag. It is up to you.

I would love to see what your flower pillows and bonus project look like!

Please send me pictures!

If you are on Instragram, please use #flowerpillow and #ipatchandquilt so we can admire each others cute pillows!
You can find me on IG as @ipatchandquilt !



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30 thoughts on “Flower Pillow – TUTORIAL

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  2. Hi Esther! Thank you for a great tutorial! Your yellow/grey Fabrics are so beautiful that I would like to make blocks like yours. Looks very inspiring! x Teje

    • Hey Teje!
      I hope you are fine! Hope the weather is back to normal!
      I have had thise fabrics in my stash for a year and a half! It was time that I used these prescious fabrics! I adore them!!!

  3. Well .. very impressive .. tutorials obviously come very naturally to you; probably a combination of your teaching skills and your artistry; lovely combination with beautiful results.

    • Hi Doreen!
      Yes the pillows are very doable. The hardest part is getting the angles right. The rest is sew, sew and sew!
      Glad you like the tutorial!
      I spied your amazing FMQ on the Easter mini, this morning! Super duper sweet!
      Thanks a million!

  4. I was admiring your pillows and the quilting on them yesterday! Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial! Definitely bookmarking for future play!

    • Ha ha Janeen!
      Now you may understand why I already have three of these pillows! They are addictive! Consider yourself warned! 😀
      I would LOVE your creation!
      Have a lovely week!

  5. You are incredibly creative Esther and these projects are so beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful and well written tutorial. I pinned this on Quilts Quilts Quilts!

    • Thank you very much Kate!
      I have been thinking about this projects for a few weeks. This week I finally had time to take most of the pictures, do all the photoshop work and write the tutorial. One more WIP off my list! YAY!

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