BLOCK-aliscious #4

May 2014…. that’s how long ago I last wrote about my  “BLOCK-aliscious” project!

Okay, you all understand that sometimes blocks get shelved for a while and these ones sure have been.

Receiving some new fabrics got me going on the pattern again. YAY!

My quilting buddy Kim gave me BAGS of scraps! Some of went to work with me for the kids to use for art class. The quilting cottons and the flannel I kept…. of course!

Sorting through the scraps inspired me to work on the BLOCK-aliscious pattern again!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m rambling about, here is my “mission statement”:

“I will be patching HST blocks on a regular basis for the next couple of months.  I will be using the schematic underneath  for the lay out of the blocks. I will be selecting the blocks randomly. I will be doing the blocks in a navy, blue and white combination as in a sweet and soft colour palette. So there will be two sets of the blocks in the end. There may be 16 blocks of one kind at the end of this project, but it is also possible that I will do all 72 in both colour schemes! The blocks will be on “show” in a special blog page. Maybe you want to quilt along with me?”

Last year I made these blocks:

I have decided I will not show you how I have pieced these blocks, as that is what dragged me down… taking the pictures, photoshopping them and writing the tutorials. I just want to have fun with the fabrics. I am sure you understand, right?!

What I will be doing is showing you the different lay outs I tried with the HSTs. I started with fabric selection and later decided on what block to do.

So, for most of my blocks I will show you lay out “mosaics”

Let’s start one block without the lay out mosaic:

And now the ones with a mosaic:

I decided on the last option.

Top right! ( I think this is my favourite block so far)

And last but not least:

Thank you Kim for al of the lovely scraps! Just what I needed to get me going on this project again!

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13 thoughts on “BLOCK-aliscious #4

  1. Hi Ester, what an interesting project ! I had seen the diagram regarding all the different ways of laying out HST’s but it hadn’t occurred to me to do a quilt based on this. I don’t know if anyone has pointed out your typo “Kim gave me BAGS of craps!”,
    I wouldn’t be very happy about a bag of that, whereas a bag of scraps would be much better. The typo gave me big laugh and that’s a good way to start the day ! 🙂
    Colleen @

  2. I can certainly understand the tutorial “bog-down” dilemma!!!! That would send me into a tail-spin for sure!!! I love what’s been done thus far. Forward motion that’s slow is still forward motion, girl!!!!!! (I’m here for ya!!!!! LOL!!!!)

  3. Hi Esther. I enjoyed seeing your layouts and plan to quilt along. In looking at you scraps laid out in rainbow sections, it occurred to me that it would be pretty tl see the hst blocks arranged in a similar way.

  4. I love playing with HST. There are so many great ways to use them. Look forward to seeing your progress as you move along with this.

  5. Love that you collected so many blocks made with HST’s on one page. But I missed the classic old pattern “Broken Dishes” but maybe my eyesight is not what it was. Thanks again for collecting and good luvk. I will be stitching along with you.h

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