Scrappy play

I am glad to be writing a blog post again. Work duties got the overhand these last two weeks. Something had to give.

At the moment I am really tired. Like when you need toothpicks to keep your eyes open, you know?! I still have to be in school for a theatre show with my class this evening. But in between my last meeting today and the show I have found some time to write this post. I thought I would rather do it now than tomorrow. The next two days will consist of me sitting on my behind, meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting…

(Okay, nagging time is over!)

Even though my free time was limited, I have been sewing. Just not blogging.

I have been playing with a bag full of flannel scraps I was given by a fellow quilter&teacher.

I started with pulling out all of the light blue, green and teal pieces.

I cut them up using my new accuquilt machine into 4×2″ rectangles, 2″squares and 2″HST.

Some random piecing and fudging the seams!

At first I followed the instruction on the accuquilt about the grain of the fabric, but later I cut every piece howere I liked… This quilt top is a “make-do” project. I did see a difference in size of the block when using a different fabric orientation (on the machine), but it did not bother me for this project. Lots of fudging anyway!

This where I am at now.

There is enough fabric to add another row to both sides.

The rest of the scraps I turned into 12″ squares (finished size) for a quilt-as-you-go project.

I have some gorgeous purple blocks to show you next time!

See you!


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26 thoughts on “Scrappy play

    • Hello Annett! I think that is my favorite too! The other blocks are more formal and limited due to what scraps there are left. The one you like best was the most fun to do!

    • Thank you!
      I have made it to the weekend with lots of couch-potato-ness when possible. Sitting and doing nothing was a good deciscion. Hope to get some more sewing done this Sunday.

    • Hi Jasmine,
      The blocks will be part of a charity quilt. Now I hope to find/receive some more flannel scraps to get to the 20 blocks I need. It was liberating to play with the scraps as I wasn’t making something for someone in particular and just focus on colour and simple shapes.
      Bye bye

    • Hi Teje!
      I hope your new shop is already a big succes!
      Yes, I was so blessed with this new quilty friend. I have been able to get many other blocks prepared for another charity quilt for the Mexico children’s home with here left over scraps!!!

    • Hey hey Kate!
      I don’t know… the dies are fine, but I am having trouble with the machine itself. It does not work as well as I thought it would. Ik will contact the shop I got it from soon. Maybe I can upgrade to the electric machine or invest in a different brand, like the Sizzix machines. Maybe I should have done more research into the products. Well, we will see.

      • All good feedback. I was looking at it just before I started WWF, know I was going to need a LOT of hexies in both paper and fabric. In the end I decided it was cheaper to buy precut hexies and just use my usual, easy to cut 2.5 inch squares…

  1. The arrangement of the pieces on the teal-blue-green top is very pleasing. I can’t always say what makes an irregular design work, but this one works!

    • Yes it does, although I would have like a more even spread of the darker teal text fabric. Oh well, I will not change it. I will sew up the top and leave it for when I need a baby boy quilt. Or I might do something else with it. Don’t know yet, we will see!
      Have a lovely Easter weekend!

    • Hi Cynthia!
      Thank you for reminding me of the linky party. I will link up to the next one.
      The monkey are so fun, right?! I have had students (teenagers) come up to me and say they love them too. I had brought the blocks to school to inspire the teens to come and help me sew the quilts for the children’s home.
      Until next time!

  2. I started collecting flannel pieces a little while ago because I made a ‘test’ rag quilt with some vintage sheets and thought it would look good and feel very soft if made using all flannel fabrics. I haven’t got round to it yet though.

    • That is what I did, when I didnt have to pay attention. Some of the meeting’s were on children that are not in my class. My art groups are often made up of one or two kids from larger classes. I have to sit in the meetings for whole the classes, for just my few students. It can be tedious, those meetings. I did have my phone with me so I could read up on on the blogs I follow. I was so behind. I was glad to read, admire and plan while sitting the the meetings.
      Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  3. Your first quilt made me think SPRING .. just love the color combinations. Don’t let work get the “upper hand” in your mind.. hope you will be enjoying a teaching break soon.

    • I try too…
      Sometimes you are just not able to plan ahead. You just have to do it, you know?
      It did get to me though, this horrible test week. I am better know. Lots of rest and blog reading. Just whatever I feel like,
      Hugs and kisses

  4. so many fun blocks . . . especially like the aqua, green one. I’ve never had a chance to use a die cutting machine for fabric. i think it would be fun.

    • Goodmorning Ann!
      I love using some cherished scraps for this project. Also some gifted and bought scraps are going into the blocks. After hoarding fabrics for a few years I am now learning to just USE them! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. I really like the top you are making in Turquoise and green- very charming! I don’t have any experience using a cutting machine for fabric, so it is really interesting to hear that grain can have such an effect on cutting. I would expect a difference in construction, but I hadn’t thought about cutting!

    • Hello Cassandra!
      On each of the cardboard package materials of the die cutters there is a warning about this. I remember that a year or three when I first saw the die cutters for the first time, there were complaints that the cuts were not accurate. It turned out it had to do with the grain of the fabric.
      With this scrappy project I am not worrying to much about the inaccuracy, the fabric is very forgiving. If I were doing a serious ” real” project I will be special attention to the grain of fabirc!

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