Foot 2 Freestyle – preparing my own blocks

I have signed up for a fantastic swap called F2F: ” Foot to Freestyle”. Kate (talltalesfromchiconia) and Sue (fromthemagpiesnest) are organizing this worldwide swap. We each make 3 blocks per month, one square foot in size.

I am the first to receive blocks this June. About 33 blocks will be arriving on my doorstep this summer.

I am so excited! I think I have all the fabric I need for my blocks…and than some!


I think I will be making 9 blocks of my own instead of three. I want this quilt to be bigger so it will fit my bed. It seems like I have enough fabric to pull that off, ha ha!

My colour scheme might be a bit unusual, but I love it!

I have requested to the colours ” Fire King” – jadeite, coral and mustard on a white/creme or light grey background.

There is plenty of jade and blue-green to pick from in my stash!

Also mustard I have enough to select from! I will be adding some beige and oak colors to tie into my oak floorboards.

The colour coral is a bit more difficult. I have found one perfect piece (sketch-like, in the top left corner), but all of the other pinks are gorgeous too! I adore the fabric where the coral and jade are combined, don’t you?

So this is my colour inspiration picture!

I have already made two blocks…. I told you I was excited, right?

Block 1; paper pieced.

Block 2; paper pieced

Maybe I can make a third block tomorrow! I am looking forward to it!

Hugs and a happy holiday weekend to you all!!!


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19 thoughts on “Foot 2 Freestyle – preparing my own blocks

  1. Your blogs are so nice Esther… they are looking quite perfect for me – you hang the bar high! But I’m thankful for your stash photos – they give a little more inspiration about your chosen colours…. most colour names are a matter of interpretation I suppose (… mustard can be a kind of yellow/orange/ochre… coral could in my eyes also could be near to pink or salmon… ) I’m already so excited about F2F 🙂 and all our quilts!

    • Hello Annett,
      As you can see from my fabrics, I think that salmon and ochre would play nicely with the rest. I am mixing it up too! Colour names can be confusing, you are right! I am glad we are working with pictures asvinspiration. It makes it so much easier!
      Bye bye!

  2. Oh boy, you certainly are excited! I’m happy to see that the fabrics I’ve bought or dug out of my stash will play nicely with what you have there. Leave some space in your quilt for the rest of us, though, or you’ll be making LOTS of pillows for the bed too…

    • Ha ha!
      You are right! I should not overdo it with making blocks for my quilt. I will put that energy in making blocks for all of you! 😄

      But, any extra blocks will look great as pillow for the livingroom, LOL!

    • Not yet… June 2015!
      We will be sending out 3 blocks a month for a year, so each of us gets about 33 blocks to create a big quilt with!
      I ‘m already working on some blocks. Way to much fun to wait until summer to start!

  3. this looks so fun! you will have to check out the similar one i just did over on my blog. that jade/blue-green is my favorite color and you sure have a beautiful collection. also, if you ever need pattern testers, i would love to help you out with that second block of yours! 🙂 the first one reminds me of one from my gypsy wife quilt that i had a lot of trouble with. gorgeous work as always!!

    • Love starting new projects… Just need more time to finish the old ones ha ha!
      With this swap I can start making blocks each month without worring I need to finish a whole new project! This “swap thing” might really work for me! 😃

  4. I love all those fabrics!
    It’s just as well you are the first of us to have their blocks made otherwise you might just burst with excitement.

  5. Love your blocks–especially the fussy cut center on block 2! Your fabrics are yummy!

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