Never ending scraps – two pouches

So, you remember the (gifted) big bag of scraps, right?

I have put it to good use again!

I asked my brother what his girlfriend Miss S would like for her birthday. He told me she wanted/needed a new make-up bag. I could do that!

Two pouches coming up and purple scraps to the rescue!

Some scraps were mine, some came from the never ending bag of scraps from my friend.

I started sewing with no particular plan.

Added some metallic silver thread!

Miss S loves GLITZ!

I also used regular thread, here for the straight line quilting (accufeed walking foot)

The metallic thread sure looks gorgeous in FMQ.

That is one side of the FIRST make-up bag done!

Side 2:

Just a little bit larger…

Adding  zipper!

One more view of that glitz!

I used the largest wave stitch on my machine. Gorgeous right?

Oops, this pic is blurry!

The other side will make it up to you!

Okay, let’s pull some more purple scraps. This time the more blue and darker scraps!

Add some strips here and there.

Slice and add!

More black, please.

A sprinkling of FMQ.

And another blurry pic of one side, ha ha!

Ah, that’s better!

I have put some beauty products inside…

It will be a lovely thing to give tomorrow!

What I learned:

– Metallic thread can be a pain to use. I think I have finally figured it out. I need to use a different needle plate.

– I actually liked working improv style. The scraps were tiny and limiting.  I will try improv again, but with bigger pieces of fabric.

– Attaching a zipper went better with my accufeed walking foot than with the zipper foot. Will not be using that one again!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend! I will be joining my family tomorrow (Monday) for “Second Easter Day”  as we call it here. Brunch, chocolates and egg hunt are on the program!

Hugs to you all,

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27 thoughts on “Never ending scraps – two pouches

  1. How funny! I’ve just seen a blog post where they used TINY scraps and it looks wonderful. I was just thinking that I could use some really small ones from my collection. These makeup bags are lovely, and Miss S should be delighted!

    • Hey hey!
      The metallic thread was actually horror to sew with until I discovered I needed to change the needle plate. DUH! There is a special plate on my machine for FMQ. I normally don’t use it, but it really helps with the metallic thread. It stopped breaking inmediately!
      Use a good quality thread I was told. My spool was a gift, but also a good brand I think. I hear lots of good things about the brand Superior.
      Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  2. Love them both but …… dibs on the purple!!!!! LOL! Interesting with the zip installation! That process seems to evoke comments from us all! Blessings……….

    • Yes, purple is my brother’s and his girlfriend’s favorite. I keep a stash of modern purples just for them, ha ha!
      I ‘m sorry, but I don’t understand your remark on the zip. Are there other comments speaking of the zip? I can’t see any. Wondering if something weird is going on with WordPress. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was.

      • No, I didn’t mean that there were other comments on your post regarding zipper installations but I have observed that when a project requires a zipper some gals find that process to be a bit of a mild challenge. Your little totes turned out lovely!

        • OKAY!
          I was wondering if I was missing comments! Glad to know that this is not the case.
          My zipper foot is really slippery and it tends to slide of the fabric. The accufeed walking foot really works wonderfully. Much better than I thought. No more wavy zippers!

  3. I love purple too. The really bright one and the solid are gorgeous!! I like to use up every scrap of fabric. We pay for every square inch 🙂 I’ve been sewing something for you today….just teasing 😉

  4. They are wonderful! I haven’t tried using metallic thread (and, to be honest, don’t really have any desire to!), but it looks great on those vibrant colours. I really like improv piecing too. Funny, purple is the one colour that I rarely use. If anyone requests something in purple I always have to go and purchase fabric.

  5. I love all those shades and tones of purple, and I love your improv AND I love both bags. Then again, I have a bit of a bag fetish, especially of late…creating a few of my own!

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Lady S. is one very, very lucky lady.
    The design is very pleasing .. I immediately thought of the beauty product lines with “sample” gift bags. Lesson learned: trust your improvisation skills.

  7. Both pouches are lovely. Great color matches. Fancy! Metallic thread can be tricky. I use a metallic thread needle. But before I thread it, I take a drop of oil (any kind–I use a cooking oil) and rub it between two fingers and then massage the needle eye. It’s not much but it cuts down in the friction. Do some stitching on scraps before working on your project in case you have over oiled. It works for me.

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