Have been quilting with teenagers

Hello again!

Lots to tell you! I have been quilting with my students as an after school activity. We are creating quilts for the Soy Amado quilt drive by Alison of littleislandquilting. The quilts will be going to Mexico or Tanzania.

I asked all of my students to donate fabrics and maybe some euros for this cause. By now we have enough fabric for at least 6 quilts. Most of the fabric has been cut. Some quilts are half way in construction, others are still in small pieces.

Some colleagues and some family members have donated money. My local quilt shop was very very generous too!


We have had three afternoons to work on the  quilts. There will be about 3 or 4 more meetings this school year.

I will be sewing up the quilts and add the binding, unless I can get some help by my students’ family member who have already said they would.


Quilt 1: “Critters”

All kinds of insects and critters fabrics donated by another quilter. We have enough to create one whole quilt, with still some scraps left over.

Did you spot the earthworm fabric? There is surely a kid out there wanting a quilt with critters on it, right?!


Quilt 2: Red and White: cute fabrics with teddy bears!

The blocks always look so much nicer once they are quilted.


Quilt 3: Pretty little florals in lilacs and pinks. We are doing pinwheels here!

Putting my students to good work… ha ha ha ….DOING THE IRONING!

We had help from three colleagues on the first meeting. The other two meetings we had to do without them as they had to work those hours.

There are six students in total who are helping me with all of these quilts! Isn’t that awesome?


Quilt 4: String quilt… still in scraps in the box!


Quilt 5: Flannel scraps. Trying to get the most out the donated pile of flannel scraps. I might be running out soon… Still debating what to do. I will ask if the charity could also use smaller quilts or not.


Quilt 6: “Pretty in pink and mint”

Some of my own second-hand fabric finds combined beautifully with the donated fabric.

Doing simple four patches!

Me adding the FMQ:

We had to add some appliqued hearts as some of the fabric got scorched somewhere in the process…

… maybe I should not have had my students use the iron…???

Let’s wait and see what it looks like once it has been washed.

Last night I connected 12 of the blocks.

I hope to get the remaining 8 done before the weekend. The last thing to do there is to find the right binding fabric. I am thinking I will use the pink and yellow retro flower fabric or maybe a vintage pink stripe from my own collection.

I am very thankful for all of the help I have received: the fabric donations, the moneys and the time invested by my students.


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20 thoughts on “Have been quilting with teenagers

  1. Congratulations Esther on getting the students enthusiastic for this craft; your lessons must be brilliantly inspiring. I hope the students continue to investigate and enjoy textile techniques.

  2. these are all looking gorgeous!
    and I love the appliqué hearts, so well done to whoever scorched the fabric ^^

  3. You’re doing great work, not just producing the quilts, but also teaching your students it’s fun to get involved in work for good causes. Good habits started young last a lifetime.

    • You are so right Kate! Our school has several charity projects, like food drives. I thought that some students wanted to get more involved in making something. there are about 8 students who are very loyal and help me each time. The first few meetings I called the shots, and told them what to do. Iron this, pin that, etc. I hope to be able to let them design more for the next couple of quilts. ANd teach them all to use the sewing machine, not just the iron.

      • Sounds like a great plan, and a good way to produce skilled helpers for future charity projects. And perhaps they in turn will recruit more friends once they’ve seen how much fun it can be.

  4. That looks really good Esther! I love creative work with teenagers/young adults – many years I’ve accompanied young people who broke their school career to find a way into their adult/professional-life… and creative work was always so exciting and motivating for them. 🙂

    • Hi Annett!
      Being creative is just so good for the spirit! I always adore the energy that goes through the group when the finish a block! Some of these students need to know that they have a purpose in life and they can make a difference in somebody elses. This project feels many needs!

  5. Regardless of the reason, the appliqued hearts add so much….I love that one (and the others, too, of course!). You all are doing a wonderful thing that will be a blessing for many in the years to come!!!! Hugs………

    • Goodafternoon!
      I hope so too! I am creating mini quilters here! I would love it if I could start a larger movement of discovering crafts, especially textile techniques.
      Bye bye

  6. I think it is so beautiful that you take the time and help these kids with helping others, It is such a beautiful lesson you are teaching them, and that is the lesson of giving and helping others, You are an a amazing women and a beautiful example of how GOD wants us to treat one another, and help each other. Thank you and GOD bless you with many blessings,.

  7. Very impressive: So many aspects to this project. The last quilt shows your mastery of color combinations and creative solutions to minor mishaps. You are teaching your students a creative outlet while giving to others. Great timing by doing this end the end of the academic year. Maybe the creativity will spill over into their summer. There is an expression: You will receive so much more when you give to others.

  8. What a great project – teaching creativity, life application of math and art, construction, giving of yourself to others and leading that principle by example. WTG

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