Foot 2 Freestyle – part 02

Exactly one month ago I showed you the colour inspiration picture for the Foot 2 Freestyle Swap I had just signed up for.

I am the first to receive 33 blocks in June. Great he?!

In April, I created two of my blocks in mustard, coral and jadeite.


Block 1 and 2:


The pink block on the left was inspired by a block I had seen in a blog post by Ellison Lane. I pretty much copied hers… So pretty!!! I drew up the paper piecing pattern myself with the EQ7 software.

I am planning to create 9 blocks instead of the 3 we do for each other. I want this to be a big quilt. Each block in 12″ (finished)

So this week I made more blocks!


Block 3:


Block 4: I had to restart this block as my geese turned out the wrong size. (Still learning how to use an iMac)

There are 36 different fabrics in this block…. and I had plenty to spare. And yeah… it took forever to do!

I admit it: I have WAY TOO MUCH fabric for the 9 blocks. That’s alright. I will make more things with these fabrics. They are gorgeous!

Some fabrics will be used for the other blocks for the other participants of this swap. (See how I just justified the piles and piles of fabric on my desk?)


Block 5:

In 2013 I designed this paper piecing block. This is not for the faint hearted… it has many pieces and can take up to 5 hours to construct. The design is called ” Blooming Hot”  and is available on Craftsy.

Soon I will show you the blocks I have made for the month of July. I am working ahead as I don’t know what the future may bring with school stuff and a house for sale.  AND… I LOVE to create these blocks!

See you all soon!



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30 thoughts on “Foot 2 Freestyle – part 02

  1. Oooh! Jumping the gun! You aren’t the only one… I’d be doing it too, only I have WWF to finish. Sue and I will be sending out an email in a week or so, reminding everyone that F2F is about to start and with some thoughts about mailing. Lovely work!

    • Yep, working ahead! I am having a great time this May Break. Getting much quilting done!!! Tomorrow I will work on some old W.I.P.’s and NOT work on a new block… I promise! LOL!!!

      • Bravo! I have to do some baking for the coffee shop today, and then it’s back to my quilting needle once more 😦
        Still, I’m making good progress, and should finish in time.

    • Goodmorning Beth! Thank you for your lovely comment!!!
      The blooming hot pattern is an ” advanced” level pattern, mostly because of the many points coming together in the middle. Normally I don’t create patterns with more than eight points int he centre. It was lovely to “visit” my old pattern again. I want to do more blocks made from my patterns. I love the idea of the combination of my designs and the blocks made by friends from all over the world. This quilt is kind of what quilting means to me: finding my creativity and finding so many new friends!
      Have lovely Tuesday!

  2. These are all lovely. I was gathering together some fabrics for your blocks the other day. Later, I will bring them to the computer screen and check that the ones I’ve chosen blend in with your existing choices. I hope you have room for some slightly simpler blocks in amongst your beauties. I don’t usually release my points matching into the public domain!!

      • Goodmorning Annett,

        Anything you will make is beautiful to me! Please do not worry to much about perfect seams/points. I adore the fact that we all are doing what we love: QUILTING. That is what unites us… not perfect points….
        ( I have filled an envelope with fabrics and I will post it tomorrow! )


    • Goodmorning Tialys!!!

      No no no! I am just having fun with my old patterns and I absolutely didn’t want to “set the bar” or anything! Like I replied to another comment:

      ” I love the idea of the combination of my designs and the blocks made by friends from all over the world. This quilt is kind of what quilting means to me: finding my creativity and finding so many new friends! ”

      I would love to have diversity in the quilt, so ALL blocks are welcome!
      Please don’t worry about the colors. I am mixing in so many tints/hues that all of your fabrics will fit in just fine. Anything mustardy/dark yellow/brownish yellow, jadeite/mint/greenish-blues, and coral/pinky oranges… I have even added some fabrics with sand and fuchsia in the pattern. Just mix whatever you like! It is your Foot2Freestyle!!!


  3. All of your blocks are great but that last one!!! I am headed to Craftsy to buy it right now. It will go on the list. . . it’s long but I’m thinking this is the perfect block for a medallion quilt. Thank you for all you do!

    • Ha ha Kathleen,
      Don’t be scared, just take it slow! I used a gluestick on the point of the wedges to stick the fabric to the paper. It helped a lot to get the pieces to align.
      Bye bye

    • Thank you very much Jen!!!
      I am so happy with the result of this block. I am very tempted to make a pillow or a mini quilt from this block!
      Have a lovely week,

  4. Your blocks are wonderful, beautiful work. I’m pleased to see Tialys and Knettycraft have already expressed their thoughts about simpler blocks…. mine will be in the simpler range as well. Colour is an interesting thing…..I picked up a fat quarter a few days ago in my lqs and was surprised to see it was labelled “mustard”….to my eye, it was more ochre, so it’s good that you’re easy about mixes of colours. I’m looking forward to deciding on blocks for you πŸ™‚

    • Goodmorning Nanette!
      I am so looking forward to it all! I have to wait myself before I can get some sewing done. My craftroom is dismantled as some work on the windows was done. I need to paint the windows and walls before I can put everything back and use the sewing machine. Sooo looking forward to doing that!
      Until then I keep myself busy with grading exams and buying more fabric… Yep! Addicted!

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  6. Oh Esther, what lovely blocks! I think I’ve got good colors for your blocks but they aren’t as intricate as the ones you’ve made! I hope to get them in the mail to you in a few days. πŸ™‚

    • Goodmorning!
      How wonderful! Please do not worry about complexity of the blocks! I love the fact that there will be very different blocks for my quilt. I have been revisiting my own paper piecing designs to put in the quilt. I will be making simpler blocks too, I can’t keep up with complex designs myself, ha ha!
      Hugs from an early and bright Netherlands,

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