Blogger Quilt Festival – Home Machine quilted

Hello again!
I have something new to show you! Well actually, it is old and new! I started this project over a year ago and only found the time to finish it now! My parent’s commissioned two orange pillows for their living room. The first was finished quickly, but the second one lingered around… Until now!

This blogpost is also my entry for the Bloggers Quilt festival.

The front of the pillow was paper pieced and then quilted with different orange threads. The pattern was inspired by a quilt drawing I saw online . This gorgeous quilt pattern is called “the Tempest” and can be found on the Cherry House Quilts website. As I was uncomfortable with traditional patchwork techniques (inexperience) I drew a paper piecing pattern based on Cherri’s design.

Here are the detail shots with info on the FMQ patterns I have used.

My own pattern “Rambling Rose”

Something like “Swirling Petals”, by Leah Day.

Pattern based on theme “Divide and Conquer”, by Martha of  Quilt to the Edge

“Flowing leaves” by Leah Day.

“Moon Feathers”, by Leah Day.

“Paisley Division”, by Leah Day.

“McTavishing” by Karen McTavish.

The back of the pillow was to be a terracotta solid. Not wanting to leave the back undecorated I turned to my quilt books. One of the most inspirational was the book Quilt Savvy- Machine Quilting Guidebook by Diane Gaudynski. Her work is so beautiful and luscious! ( I have worked on similar design from her book before. Have a look at this blogpost!)

I used some of her design elements to create a floral scroll.

I used a Frixion pen to draw the important lines. (Yes, I did test this pen out on the fabric. Sometimes is does leave a white line on the fabric after hitting it with the iron, so beware!)

I started with a light orange thread and echoed around it with a darker terracotta thread.

The echo lines are about 1/8 inch apart.

I adore the dense quilting in this project!

Some of you may recognize these pictures, because I have been sharing them on Instagram. (@ipatchandquilt)

These next two parts were to become the pillow back.


There is a hidden zipper in the middle.

And here is the front again!

This pillow is lovely from both sides!!!

I patch and quilt all my quilts on a Janome 7700 which has a large harp space of 11 inches. I use all kinds of threads, but mostly polyester by Gutermann, Auripoly and Wonderfil. The batting is by Moda or Hobbs, 80% cotton 20% polyester.

In October 2014 I participated for the first time in the BQF and I had a blast! My mini paint tube quilt even won in its category.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visited my blog then and even voted for my quilt back in October! Thank you!

Please take a look at all of the entries for the LATEST  Bloggers Quilt Festival. On May 22-29 you can vote for your favorites! There are already some gorgeous quilts entered in the Home Machine Quilted Category.

I have entered another quilted pillow in the Blogger Quilt Festival, this time in the Mini category. It is a cute and bright flower pillow!

I hope you will be inspired by all the lovely quilts in this year’s festival!


p.s. I am also linking up with Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and Can I get a Whoop Whoop  at Confessions of a Fabric Addict


38 thoughts on “Blogger Quilt Festival – Home Machine quilted

  1. Beautiful! I’ll never get that accomplished in a million years, so I truly admire the hard work and practice that goes into such an amazing result.

  2. Absolutely stunning .. all of your projects are so special.
    The colors of the orange pillow really “pop”. I would not know which side to display there either. Might have to depend on who is enjoying it.

    • Yes, the pillow could be used on both sides depending on the mood you’re in. It was a lovely project to work on, even though I wish I had finished it earlier.

  3. Gorgeous! I am envious of your FMQ skills. That little paint tube quilt is adorable – I’m not surprised you won with it.

  4. Wow! This pillow is spectacular front and back! What side to chose to display. . . flip it daily. . . maybe every couple of hours! Your quilting is stunning!

    • Goodmorning Marly!
      I normally don’t do 1/8 inch echos, really! This project just needed it! It was a great exercice in accuracy. I am also glad it’s DONE!

    • Hello Sarah!
      What a lovely comment! Thank you!
      There are so many beautiful quilts in the Bloggers Quilt Festival this Spring. I am very impressed and inspired by all of them.
      Have a lovely week!

  5. I just popped over to see what you had been up to for the F2F swap and found this gorgeous pillow. Your quilting is wonderful and I really love the colours you’ve used. Avis x

  6. What a fantastic cushion cover. All those different quilting designs are beautifully done and look wonderful together. The back is as gorgeous as the front! Lovely work indeed.

  7. Hello, I’m Cherri House, of Cherry House Quilts. Last week some time I was scrolling through Pinterest and found what I thought must be a pillow derived from my pattern ‘The Tempest’, and I looked all around trying to find a link back to my original pattern – if there was one, I couldn’t find it. It’s uncanny, the colors are so the same.

    Do you know what the source is for your pattern? If I missed it somewhere, please let me know.

    The link below is for the orange color way. Your pillow and the quilting look lovely.


    • Dear Cherri,
      Thank you for contacting me.
      I indeed have used your design as an inspiration for that orange pillow.
      As I only have access to this blog through an old iPad which keeps acting up, I find it very difficult to write a full response at the moment. I will give you all the information in a couple of hours when I can get to my regular computer.
      Kind regards,

    • Hello Cherri,

      Thank you again for responding to this blog post.

      In January of 2013 I started blogging about quilting. About half a year later my mother requested a small pillow in a specific color way. We searched for inspiration on the internet and we found one of your designs.

      In a blogpost I mentioned where I found that inspiring picture (your Pinterest image) and added a link to your blog. I drafted the pattern for myself using illustrator so I could use the paper piecing technique instead of regular patchwork that I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable about. I did not share the pattern with anybody and nobody asked for it.

      About half year later again, my parents wanted to have another orange pillow for themselves, so I created two of them using my digital paper piecing pattern based on your beautiful design.

      I started with one pillow, but never got around to finish a second one. In May of 2015 I finally finished the second pillow. I used the pillow to participate in the online Blogger’s quilt festival in the category of Freemotion Quilting. In that post I mentioned that I found the design/inspiring picture online.

      In my original blogpost of 2013 I mentioned the link to the original pattern, but I only added that later on as I was unable to find it again directly after I had saved the picture and was ready to write about on my blog. I think I did a reverse image search on google when I found out that was possible. (Yay for technology!) I think that must have been somewhat after 2014.

      The blogpost in 2015 about the Blogger’s quilt festival does not contain the link. I must have forgotten to add it. I will correct that immediately.

      I have also gone to my Pinterest board and added the link to your original pattern as a comment on my pictures. I will go back to Pinterest right away and check if all the pictures now have that added link.

      As a pattern designer myself, I truly understand the uncomfortable feeling after discovering a picture that looks like your own work. It has never been my intention to claim the pattern as one of my own. I hope that the edit of the last blogpost from 2015 and the additions to the Pinterest images will correct my mistake.

      Please let me know if you prefer I delete the 3 blogposts from my blog, delete the picture from my Pinterest board and delete the one or two Instagram pictures I posted about the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. I am willing to do that.

      With the utmost respect for a fellow designer and kind regards,
      Esther Frenzel

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