Lots of catching up to do!

Hello everyone!

WOW, it has been a month since my last post!!!

I can’t believe how fast time flies. I don’t have to tell you that everyday life can prevent us from sharing our quilt projects online. I really want it to be different, but I have had to accept that writing blogposts is not something I can indulge in three times a week anymore.

(Luckily I have been able to show pictures I have been working on through Instagram. You can find me there as ipatchandquilt)

I have been able to quilt though, just not blog about it all. I will do my best to catch up with posts!

Playing with 2,5″ squares!

This improv project had me playing with all my scraps!

…doing some arranging and rearranging…

I was going for a upward diagonal movement in the arrangement of the squares. Dynamic, uplifting and cheerful, right?!

I selected a more organic FMQ pattern to balance out the squares.

The glitter was added with silver metallic thread. I used a regular grey thread for the bobbin and the metallic on the top.

As you can see from the picture below, there are several knots and restarts. The metallic thread tended to shred/break often. I have found out that putting the top tension at 0 it was less likely to break.

The quilting pattern is more visible on the back (unbleached cotton). I used a FMQ pattern that I have used before:

step 1. swirl

step 2. flower petals wiggle around it

step 3. echo twice

step 4. feather around

step 5. echo and start again.

In the white parts I went with a more chaotic route. I used all kind of different shapes like leaves and swirl-hooks.

The back was a lovely dark blue with hearts which I did not quilt. No batting for the back also. Keeping it simple there!

A 60 x 40 cm pillow form by ikea fitted this pillow perfectly.

Somehow I have lost my pictures of the pillow in its 3D shape but I have a little video so you can see the shine of the metallic thread.

I really enjoyed this project!

It was happily received by a friend!



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20 thoughts on “Lots of catching up to do!

  1. Well done Esther. I like all of it – your mini squares, the colours, your qiilt pattern and the cushion shape :-). And I am totally with you with having no time to blog… my everyday question is: Take time to sew or for writing blog posts… I have to find a senseful balance.

    • Hi Annett!
      Yes, it is finding this balance that is very hard for me. At the moment quilting is more important than blogging… It relaxes me more. But I also love the interacting with other quilters, so I need to get back to blogging!!!

  2. Lovely colour work, and the usual superb quilting! I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to try quilting with metallic thread. And now you can look forward to the first of your F2F blocks arriving in a couple of weeks!

    • Good evening Kate!

      I have only tried this brand Wonderfil. I would like to experiment a bit more with ther brands too. I do have to say that I secretly like the little bit of shine and lustre they bring to a project. I am not a blingy type of girl, but the metallic thread in silver really is lovely! I tend to use it on projects for younger people.

      I am really curious to see what everybody has created for the F2F swap. So many plans!!!


    • Thank you very much! It was lovely to experiment and stick to a standard size block. Just move the colours around! Maybe next time I will be more adventurous and change up the block sizes too.

  3. Stunning quilting as usual ; ) Someone told me once to put the metallic thread in a glass behind your machine. That way, it has a chance to untwist a bit before it reaches the machine. Might be worth a try…

    • Hello Carla!
      How are you? I hope you are well!!! Thank you for your great tip.
      I have the metallic thread on a separate spool stand next to my machine as the spool is to big to fit on either the stands on my machine. The thread tend to twist while it gets of the spool still. I will need to read more about how to prevent all of that. I will be searching blogs thatdiscuss embroidery threads. I think there is lots to learn from them.

  4. What struck me first was the movement/graduation of the colors; from yellow/green to blue/purple. It is a lovely pillow and I am sure the recipient is very grateful. On the silvery thread (I have never used it)I can imagine how a little bit of “drag” might work better than none.

    • Dear Annie,
      Yes, the no drag is really important. The thread can be coarse and it will eat into the plastic parts on the machine if there is too much drag. It will get hung up and snap while sewing. It actually can be very troublesome. And still… I love the effect!
      Lots of hugs and kisses

  5. de beroemde gulle middenweg. Wat gaat dat gaat en wat niet dat niet. Als er post komen, lees ik ze graag, als niet dan heb ik meer tijd over om te naaien 😉 Win Win

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