Additions to the sewing room

A few weeks ago a colleague asked me if I was interested in buying some storage cabinets as they were cleaning out a house of a family member, a lady who had made jewelry with beads. I was so thankful that my colleague thought of asking me. I was able to buy these two cabinets…. lots and lots of drawers.

Aren’t they wonderful?

I think these are both by IKEA, from at least 10 years ago. The lady who owned them before me must have been very neat and tidy, as these cabinets were in perfect order!!!

I only had to remove some stickers but that was very easy with a hairdryer and a chemical sticker remover. Done in 5 minutes!

Look how my spools of thread fit perfectly in the drawers?! I added some pieces of paint stirring sticks from the DIY store to separate the rows.

Even the 1000 meter spools fit in the drawers! There is some Aurifil Polyester, Aurifil Cotton, Wonderful Metallics, Madeira Polyneon Polyester, Gutermann and Amann in there.

This month 5 windows were replaced in my apartment. They exchanged the 1980’s “tilting / pivoting”  windows for regular window which are much handier and feel safer. I had to remove everything in front of the windows, so I had to dismantle my sewing room completely. My large table was tilted on its side and the lights are suspended up high so nobody would hit their head.

See? Everything pushed to the side….

I couldn’t use my room for over almost a week.

When the work on the windows was done, I pushed the tall cabinet all the way to the front of the room where I could access the threads without getting up.

I am very happy with my new cabinets. They even allow me a better access to the left of the table as the cabinets are not as deep as the other furniture in there. So much better for my posture! I hope to reduce my shoulder pains a bit with this new lay-out of the room.

I really enjoy my room now!



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23 thoughts on “Additions to the sewing room

  1. Looks to me like everything you do becomes a work of art .. even the arrangement of your spools and the furniture in the room. One very big accomplishment and I hope it works better for your shoulder.

    • You know me… putting things in colour order! 🙂
      Opening up those drawers brings me pure joy. Like opening up a new box of coloring pencils.
      Hugs and kisses

  2. That cabinet works wonderfully! What a great idea to add the stirring sticks to keep the spools from rolling all over. A week of being grounded from sewing torturous. I do love those pretty blocks on your design wall.

    • Yes, it is wonderful! I was so thankful to be able to get it!!!
      Oh those blocks… They are so pretty! Some will stay here, some are ready to be sent out to go and live with other quilters. I hope to be able to create some more blocks this next couple of days.
      Have a lovely day!

    • Hello Vreni!
      Yes they are! I am so happy with them. I love the fact that I know have room for all the sewing knick knacks and I ALSO have room to sit properly at my table. So much better!!!
      Have a great week!

    • Good evening Marli!
      Isn’t that a wonderfully simple solution?! I first thought I would have to drill holes in the drawers and insert wooden dowels to keep the cones standing up. The drawers weren’t tall enough in the end. Then I thought about laying them down like this. That was even better because I can now see the colors much better in each drawer now.
      Have a great sewing day!

  3. Cabinets like that are such a bonus – lucky that your colleague thought of you! I have lots of sets of little stacking plastic drawer units from the DIY store, which fit exactly between the shelves of a book case, but wood is so much nicer! Funny – the first thing I saw was the blocks on the wall and I thought “I know what those are for!” – you’re working well ahead…

    P.S. do i see a neat little wooden Antique Thread holder in the last 2 photos? Lucky Girl !

    • Oops I meant to write more:

      Woodwurm… Also had to replace a part at the back and fix one of the drawers.
      It is by Gutermann and used to house embroidery threads. The colour tags are still inside the compartments.
      I will show pictures of it soon!
      Bye bye

  5. Lucky you! I’ve been wondering about adding some more draws to my sewing room. Well, they wouldn’t actually fit in there, but the spare bedroom could be a nice place to pop them.

  6. I am so impressed with your thread collection (and the storage method). The cabinets are really a great find and your room looks wonderful. It gets me thinking about how I might organize my sewing space.

  7. What a lovely work space. When I see workrooms like this it inspires me to give mine a bit of a clear up – momentarily at least!

  8. Very nice!! I’m in the process of re-doing a room and moving my sewing room into a little bigger space. It’s been a long process, but If I get results half as good as yours I’ll be happy!

  9. I love your room and covet those cabinets. You are not just an artist but a great organizer as well. I have to share my quilting room with the guest sleeping and I am struggling to organize it. I need a professional organizer to help me. LOL
    Love that red, white and blue block.

    • Organizing is not my hobby but I feel it is necessary for me to enjoy my sewing time. If all is cluttered it just doesn’t feel right. It stresses me out. I am not overly neat, really! Really!!!
      But I adore it when I can open a drawer or box and find what I need right away.
      Bye bye

  10. I love looking at all the beautiful thread all organized in the drawer. So cool your colleague thought of you because those cabinets are awesome. Thanks for giving us a peak inside your studio–it’s inspiring.

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