Oodles of doodles – part 02

I am a bit obsessed with drawing at the moment. Here are my newest designs.

I used a black fineliner from my pencil case. I think it is one by Stabilo.

While watching some dumb tv shows, I drew these.

This last one I stitched out. I started with some registration marks.

Everything was freehand from there on. You can see some wonky lines and asymmetrical shapes. BUT… The overal design really is succesful

The overall shape turned out pretty square.

I will add some more quilting around the design, probably in another colour.

Why don’t you all try some doodling this week too?






33 thoughts on “Oodles of doodles – part 02

  1. I’m so impressed again and I’m pretty sure these designs – both drawn and quilted – are far too amazing to be called ‘doodles’.

  2. Wonderful! I can completely understand your obsession! Why do you have your machine opened while quilting (or did you remove the flap on the left completely?) … is it to see better where you go next?

    • Hello!
      Well spotted!!! I open up the side of the machine so I can se better. If I open it up I can see much more. I do it often. I would prefer a machine which would let me see better where I am going. The only machines that I know of which have more “vision” are midarms or longarms… well I have to wat a bit before I can buy one of those!

  3. Beautiful doodles! Mine are always too pointy and spiky to turn into quilting ideas, even supposing my FMQ was any good… Still, I’m thinking about making a series of blocks where I won’t mind practising on them, so maybe one day I’ll be better at it!

  4. Totally amazing!! I wish I had the patience! I would love to see a video of how you do this, even just a short one of a simple design. I use an old 1970’s kenmore. Not sure it would ever do anything so fancy, but I keep seeing your work and am tempted to try. Keep inspiring me! Thank you!

  5. Your doodles and quilting are beautiful and very inspirational. Does your machine have a stitch regulator or do you just need to make very smooth movements of the work? Do you wear special gloves? Sorry about all the questions. I just want to try this myself 🙂 Thank you for sharing Esther.

    • Keep the questions coming! This is exactly how I learned!!!

      I do not have a stitch regulator. The more you do FMQ the more even your stitches will get. It is like a balance between your movements and the machine. I have tried various midarm machines and longarm that have a stitch regulator. I did not like it. It hampered my movement, but it could be that it takes some getting used to. If i get a midarm or longarm in the future , I do not think I will get a regulator.

      I do use gloves, the ones special for FMQ: machingers. I love them. I tried working with cheaper version like rubbery glove for the garden, but there is so much rubber on them that my hands get hot soon. The Machingers only have rubber at the finger tips. I also like that I can still use my ipad/iphone with them on. I have to take them off for changing the bobbin though.

      I also use a supreme slider on the bed of the machine. I got the biggest available. Personally I think this was the best investment I could have made. It reduces friction so much. It prevents sore shoulder, so GET ONE!!!

      The machine I have is a Janome 7700 ( horizon). It is a domestic machine with a large harp especially for quilters. Many quilters have this machine. I am able to stuff a quilt 60×80 underneath, but is still a wrestling match. This machine is very suitable for smaller projects ( smaller than 80×60 ” ).

      If you want to know more, please let me know!
      Bye bye

      • Thank you so much for the comprehensive reply. You have made me want to try this even more now 🙂 I have a mid arm Juki which doesn’t have a stitch regulator so you’ve given me the confidence to try. I much prefer FMQ to digital computerised designs. They are so much more individual. A final question for now….have you used rulers for FMQ yet?

        • Yes I have. I have bought a straight one first and larer various curved ones. My sewing machine’s accufeed system hits them though when I use them behind the foot. This should be a problem with any midarm as the rulers are designed for those big machines.
          There is a very comprehensive blog on this topic: amysfreemotionadventures I thunk it is called.m

        • Oops , having troubles writing on this iPad…
          Have look at that blog!
          Amy has been using the rulers for a while and she tests out all type of rulers an special feet for domestic machines. She also has lovely videos on youtube!

  6. Wow! So we all have to doodle more! My doodles will have to develop first; at the moment they always look like seaweed. Where did you buy your Supreme Slider? I’ve only been able to find suppliers in the US, but there must be some closer to home (The Hague/Delft area).

    • I saw them in a shop in Beek: Mary’s handwerkzaak in Zuid-Limburg. I know the shop is closed at the moment for the summer, but they might be still able to help you out!
      If you can’t get a hold of them, let me know, I might have a second source we could try!

  7. Just to be able to doodle like that is awesome but then to free motion the design as well, is just too much…..very talented considering I can’t even draw stick figures

    • Hi Dawn!
      Thank you for your lovely comment. It is my true belief that anybody can learn how to draw. It may take some longer to get there. Doodling during a phonecall, meetings etc are the best to get confident with your lines. It is even scientifically proven that doodling while listening makes your remember more! Great, right?!

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  9. Looks good Esther, thank you for sharing, did the stabilo pencil wash out ok? The colored pencils do have a quantity of wax in them as well as the pigment.

  10. That is simply beautiful! I’m very new to quilting, so what kind of machine are you using to quilt that? there’s no way hand quilting all that, seriously?

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