Back, back again

Hello everyone!

I am back. Back again..

I had to take a break. A break from blogging.

Nothing mayor has happened, but I decided that I wanted to spend my free time not sitting at the computer. Blogging felt like an obligation for a while. That just was not right. Sewing and blogging is something I want to enjoy. So I stopped blogging for a couple of months. I didn’t stop sewing… I know you understand.

Now I am back, back again!

Back with lots of things to share!

Let’s start with two cute little projects!

It is baby season again!

This HST quilt was for a fellow teacher.

To soften the HST I quilted it with swirls.

The backing fabric has blue hearts on it! Perfect, right?!

Bound with a grey solid.

Very soft and cuddly! This quilt is rather small and meant for use in a stroller or car seat.

The second baby quilt, also for a baby boy, was for a family member.

I cut up some blue, grey, white and mint fabric. An answer key from a sudoku puzzle helped me get a “random” lay out without  creating a headache, ha ha! I had enough fabric for 8×9 rows.

A local HEMA store had these cute paper clips with numbers, which helped me keep track of the different rows.

The top came together really quickly.

Added some yummy quilting.

There are actually some giraffes and rhinos on this backing fabric…. very hard to see!

Of course, also bound with a grey fabric. I love this fabric!!!

It reminds me a bit of the wallpaper in my grandparents’ house, even though it had a different color.

And after washing:

All the lovely wrinkles! This quilt is bigger than the other one and can be used as a play mat or to snuggle under.

There is one more baby boy quilt in the making and after that there are 3 girls quilts to cut out! Looks like I will be busy! 😉

See you soon with more quilts!


P.s. Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at Crazymomquilts.

26 thoughts on “Back, back again

  1. Nearly every long-time blogger I know has had to take a break now and again. This really should be fun, not obligatory. It can be hard to remember that sometimes.

    These baby quilts are lovely. Well done!

    • That is my favorite too!
      It was a lot of fun quilting that one. I have been doodling during the June and July and now I got the chance to use the drawings in a quilt project.
      Bye bye

  2. I know what you mean about taking a break from blogging. I’ve done that, too, and I think I’m ready to head back as well. It’s hard to keep it all together, isn’t it? I love your color combinations, and as usual, your quilting is just beautiful.

  3. Adorable baby quilts with fabulous quilting. I totally understand needing a computer break. I really should do that too. I’d get more sewing done.

    • Hi Ann,
      Yes, computer break are sometimes necessary, but I miss the interaction with other quilters like you.
      Your christmas quilt is still pieces. I wished I was further along with it. I hope to get back to it soon, when my physiotherapist gives the go-ahead. For now, I am very limited in sewing. One bad shoulder, compensated by carrying stuff with the other arm, where I new have a “tennis elbow” …. Needless to say this will take a while to heal.
      Bye bye

  4. I am so envious of your quilting skills – these are both beautiful quilts and I imagine they will be received with great excitement. Great paperclips – I must look out for something similar.

  5. Hiya. I think a lot of us are the same – blogging does take time, I find I’m on Instagram more these days but still try and blog once a week. It’s a balance and I do believe whatever you do should be a pleasure not a chore. Your quilts and quilting are divine, thanks for coming back and sharing 🙂

  6. Do you know the name of the fabric with the circle in the middle and the “clock” of circles around it? first picture, 2 on the left side. i absolutely need(well, a quilters need) some!!

    • Hi Margaret,
      It is “quilt blocks” by Ellen Luckett Baker by Moda.
      I know my local quiltshop (Europe) had some last month. The fabric line is at least 2 years old.
      Good luck!

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