Foot 2 Freestyle – Swap blocks

Hello again!

Before the work week starts again, I wanted to take advantage from this quiet Sunday evening and write another blog post.

As you may remember I am participating in a worldwide year long swap. In June I received about 30 blocks myself. What a load of fun each day to get happy mail every other everyday!

Each month we create 3 blocks for somebody else following their color preferences.

These are the blocks I made for July in orange, green and turquoise: 

Being inspired by the “around the world” block. The part of the fabrics is lined up horizontally and part is lined up diagonally.


This swirly star/flower is one of my designs called “Blurry“.

August in red, blue and white.

I saw this design online somewhere and I recreated it in EQ7 to fit a 12″ block. It is foundation paper pieced.

This one I created with a fabric cutter with dies.

And the last one is a block made with my own pattern Pointy.

September in Black and white with a vibrant color:

I really felt like fussy cutting for this block. This is how I started:

This block used a lot of fabric, but I adore the result!

This pattern is a beginner friendly paper piecing pattern called “Jewel” .

The second block is also a pattern of mine. This one is “Dazzle

I played around with half of the pieces for this star.

As the picture of the finished block is really blurry, I am also showing you the picture of the separate parts.

Whoops, blurry picture!

And last but not least…

An improv block!

I used the sidekick ruler for this block.

I have already started working on the blocks for October. Some yummy fabrics and gorgeous color combinations coming up!



P.s. Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at Crazymomquilts.


22 thoughts on “Foot 2 Freestyle – Swap blocks

  1. Thank you again dear Esther for your lovely July blocks! I like them so much. Funny that you were inspired by the “around the world” block … meanwhile I joined the “scrappytriparoundtheworld blockswap” on flickr. There is a very interesting block tutorial for that block…. completely different way than usual.

  2. Those designs say “POW!”. Just jumping at you. Love them all. Very colorful patterns for a time of the year that can be dreary.

  3. I love the strawberry one best, with all the insides highlighted by just one outside! The thing I’m enjoying best about F2F is that it’s improving my piecing skills – for myself, I can be a little careless about getting sizes and point alignment right, but for other people, I have to try harder! Plus I get to use blocks I haven’t used before and probably never would except for this swap.

  4. I am beyond impressed that you design your own blocks – and such beautiful ones too. I’m afraid I have to follow instructions – and ones that aren’t too complicated – when I make mine πŸ˜‰

    • Hello Tialys,
      Ha ha, I get it! I jump into new projects and design without reading instructions too! Most if the pp blocks aren’t hard, just a lot of work. The strawberry block and the Blurry star are the easiest to do.

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