October Sky – testers wanted!

Hello everybody!

I have just finished writing up a new pattern. It is a foundation paper piecing pattern based on a traditional patchwork star.

The pattern is beginner-friendly.

Yes, there are many pieces, but they can be pieced with strips, squares and squares cut in half.

There are TWO variations of this pattern. The first one has a centre like an economy block, while the second has a courthouse step block as its centre.

I would love it if some of you could test the pattern. As that means I am asking you to invest time and fabric for this testing, I will be giving each of you 4 of my (single) digital patterns as a thank you. You can see my other patterns here on my blog.

Information on the pattern:

  • foundation paper piecing technique.
  • beginner-friendly.
  • 10″ and 12″ patterns.
  • 2 variations for the centre of each star.
  • bonus 6″ block.
  • quilt lay-outs provided
  • coloring pages provided
  • color suggestions provided
  • It took me about 3 hours to piece a 12″ block.

I am looking for testers who:

  • can test a block and provide feedback within 2 weeks time. 
  • have at least a little experience with the foundation paper piecing technique.
  • send me a good quality photograph of the block they have pieced.

I would love it if the testers show their blocks their blog, on Instagram or Facebook.

Testers can expect that:

  • I will use your feedback to improve the pattern.
  • I will send each of you 4 of my single patterns, of your choice, as a thank you for testing October Sky. I will send the chosen patterns after I have received your feedback and photograph.
  • I will show your photos on my blog and link back to your blog, Instagram account or Facebook page.

Lets see what beautiful blocks you can come up with! Who wants to help?



Bye bye!


p.s. Lynn, yes the first block is one that I made for you!


48 thoughts on “October Sky – testers wanted!

  1. Oh, Esther…….I don’t have the time right now!!!! The next few weeks are going to be dedicated to client projects……..rats!!!!!! That’s a gorgeous block and, I’m sure, is super fun to construct. Maybe next time!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing how it’s interpreted. Hugs…………………………..

  2. I have time to test the pattern, if you still need someone? It looks like fun, and although it’ll probably take me longer than it did you, I’m reasonably competent! I might even use it for an F2F block if it works well. I tested a pattern for Lynn, and she’ll tell you I give quite detailed feedback, so hopefully this will be useful.

  3. I thought I recognised that colour scheme! It’s absolutely beautiful Esther.

    And, yes, Kate does give quite detailed (and very helpful) feedback 😉

    • Good afternoon Jenny!
      I would love it if you could test this block! Thank you very much for offering your help. I will send an e-mail with the pdf document attached in the next couple of minutes.
      Bye bye

  4. Count me in if you still need testers. I have done a fair bit of paper piecing and really enjoy the way it all comes together at the end. And this looks a particularly beautiful block.

  5. If you are still seeking testers, I am in! I’ve never tested a pattern, but I have a good amount of experience with foundation paper piecing and would love to give it a go.

  6. The block you made up is stunning. I can see where it would be fairly straightforward to foundation piece. I’m even wondering whether I could swing it without the paper foundation… Doubtful that I will actually try it however. Too much else going on at the moment! I hope you get useful feedback from your testers.

    • Hello!
      I think it can be done. The only problem I foresee is that possibly the small strips will not line up in the centre’s corners. Personally I think those parts lining up is part of the blocks beauty. BUT… don’t let me stop you… If you like how it turns out, just do it. Maybe you can even come up with an easier or quicker technique. OR EVEN a new design. You never know.
      Lots of fun with your other projects!
      Have a lovely day!

  7. Hello Esther, it looks like you have an awful lot of pattern testers! So if it is more the merrier, I would love to offer my hands to you! ☺ Hannah

  8. Hi Esther! I would be available to test for you if you still need someone! Thank you for your consideration! Rosalee

  9. Hi Esther, als het aantal van commentaar iets is om naar te gaan dan zul je wel genoeg testers hebben. Jammer voor mij, goed voor jou. Misschien wil je mij op een lijst van testers zetten??voor een volgende keer of als iemand toch niet kan. Leuk patroon.

    • Hoi Iris,
      Wat een hoop reacties op mijn verzoek, he?! Het is altijd fijn een wat grotere groep testers te hebben. Ik heb je net een mailtje gestuurd met het document erin.
      Groetjes en een fijne dag

  10. Well done Esther. It’s a lovely block and I’m glad that you found your testers. Please keep me in mind for the future. I would love to be a tester.

  11. Ziet er erg leuk uit. Ik wil wel voor je testen als mijn naaivaardigheden niet totaal getest worden (sorry, anglicisme); als het niet te moeilijk is, dus

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  13. Hello Esther, Like I mentioned on I/G–this was allot fun! And today it is sunny–which made for much better photos that I have attached. As for my opinion. I really do not see much that I can offer as for changes in your instructions. However as a person that has taught paper piecing, I wonder if all the sizes and options might be a bit overwhelming for the novice or beginner. I have friends that just can not wrap their head around this technique when it is written. And here is the “artsy” side of my opinion– If you poke around on my I/G account, blog or web page. I normally (not saying never) do not make quilts that have several of the same block repeated–I just get bored. This block would look fantastic doubled or tripled into a nice size pillow or even large enough for a wall hanging. Thank You for letting me be apart of this wonderful journey you are on and hope that I may have helped you a little– along your way. I am only a small part in this big media land, but I would be more than happy to do a post when you launch the pattern. If you are interested–just let me know. Best Wishes and Much Success!HelenMy blog-Till We Quilt AgainInstagramHelen Ernst LongArm Quilting Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:08:46 +0000

  14. I don’t ever want to pattern test, but I want to buy this pattern. LOL I saw it on Annett’s blog, and it’s the one kind of paper piecing I don’t mind doing. Normally, I’m not up for paper piecing, but this is just straight lines and reminds me of the pineapple blocks I do.

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