Eye candy – test blocks October Sky

Hello everybody,

It is time for lots of eye candy today! Three weeks ago I put out a request for pattern testers for the October Sky block, and oh boy… did I get a response! In no time I had 15 quilters willing to try the pattern. Some called themselves beginners and others were experts. Actually this combination was ideal for testing. The beginners told me if the pattern was logical and easy enough to be fun. The more experienced quilters provided me with in dept feedback on the instructions and added bonuses like the quilt lay outs and the list of tips.

Kate from Tall Tales from Chiconia made this lovely sweet and gentle block.

She also tested the smaller block in the pattern and added a border. Do you see how she used two different dark blue fabrics? Love that!!!

Rosalee combined batik with regular cotton. Isn’t it pretty? It zings!

Jenny also tested the large and small patterns are added some cute fussy cutting to her project! See the tree in the centre and the little hearts in the points?


Jenny is a wizard! Look what she did! She turned the test blocks in a tablerrunner. We all love the pebbling and the matchstick quilting.

One of the first quilters to respond to my request was Muriel from Hopfaldera and IG @muriel14. This is her test block:

You know I am a fan of mint and teal with some pink, right? I adore the festive look of this block.

And Iris from Crazy Dutch Bird Quilts? She went all “Scrappy Goddess” on us! Scrap heaven!

Shelly (active on FB) created this beautiful block for me. She also used a light grey background and the colors are so elegant.

Jenny from Patchwork Mummy, the lovely online fabric shop Sew Smile Fabric  and  IG @patchworkmummy also combined batiks with regular cottons. I love how the block seems to float above the dark background.

And Jan made a dent in her huge scrap bag! She made a centre for a charity quilt in bright colors. That will be one stunning quilt!

Virgina pulled out every blue and green fabric she owns, I believe, to make this stunner! I love that the color placement makes our eye wander over the block.

Annett from Knetty Craft wrote a blog post showing the whole process of her piecing the block. That CAT just cracks me up! Love that mint fabric!

Ann, an IG friend (@sojochick) made this vibrant block and quilted it very cleverly. That hot orange just grabs our attention.

And than there was Tor, who made two blocks, one is a 1 inch block (gold) and the other is a 12inch block. Both blocks feel very regal and festive to me.

There are some other test blocks that have not come in yet, due to various reasons. I will show those later!!!

That was the end of the parade, girls and boys!

Thank you for letting me show you all the pretties that arrived in my e-mail inbox.


The pattern October Sky is available on Craftsy here.

You can read more about the pattern here.

Have a week where you hug and squeeze your loved ones one more time!


P.s. Linking up with Let’s bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.













10 thoughts on “Eye candy – test blocks October Sky

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  2. Love them all! So much “room” for personalization and stash busting!!!! Of course, the red/white (Scandinavian) runner is #1 in my books!!!! Red/white and blue/white win hands down every time!!! LOL!!!!

  3. It’s fun to see how different they all are! I’m really loving the one that’s all greens and blues; it looks really solid and 3D, somehow. Of course, I also adore the scrappy ones, but then I would, wouldn’t I? 🙂

    • Good afternoon Kate!
      I adore that blue and green block too! When piecing I tend to create symmentrical color layouts but I should really try this more random approach. It really appeals to me.
      Thank you for your huge help!

      • I had a lot of fun, so I can truthfully say it was a pleasure! I’m like you, my natural instinct is for symmetry, but the postage stamp blocks I make so many of are helping with that problem!

  4. On such a very sad and troubling weekend it was a real joy to see so many beautiful blocks. It shows the versatility of October Sky that it can produce so many very different patterns and styles. Perfect for creative and individual designs.

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