Beautiful Venice — pattern released!

Ah Venice…

Have you ever been?

I have the privilege to join over 40 students each year on a week long trip through Italy. This September we visited the San Rocco guild hall in Venice, as we always do. I directed the teenagers to look at the paintings on the walls and ceilings. The minute we were about to leave the museum, I discovered the wonderful mosaic flooring.

The pictures I took there inspired a new foundation paper piecing pattern. As a tribute to the beautiful city I named the pattern Venice.

Two weeks ago I asked my previous group of testers if they wanted to test out this pattern too!


Kate (Tall Tales from Chiconia) was the first of the testers to send me a picture of her finished test block. Her block is full of energy. She used a strong color combination that I really appreciate. You will see more blocks in this color scheme in 2016, when we will all make three swap blocks each for Kate. Can’t wait to dig out my lime green fabrics!


The second block to arrive in my email box was Tor’s. The result is very dynamic, don’t you think? To me, it feels like a sunflower being caught by the wind.


Ann, an IG friend (@sojochick) pieced a very festive block in lovely timeless fabrics on a modern grey background. So classy!


Look at what Helen created! She describes on her blog that she plans to turn the block into a pillow. Those blues are so striking and I adore the background fabric. It makes the star zing!


Jenny (IG: thelilaccat) really took the pattern and made it her own. She combined two elements and came up with this pinwheel star. Isn’t it great?


There are some more test blocks to arrive soon, so there will be another blog post with pretty stars within a couple of days!

Here are some more inspirational pictures of what you can achieve with the pattern. Two of these pictures are real blocks, all the rest are computer drawings.



As for the pattern itself, it is now available on Craftsy. If you would like the pattern to be available on Etsy too, please let me know!

See you all soon!




11 thoughts on “Beautiful Venice — pattern released!

  1. What wonderfully diverse stars from your beautiful block! My ‘wrought iron sunflower’ is in very good company, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest. I have another colour pull planned for the same pattern, but not for a while – I must catch up with other projects first. I’ll send you a picture when it’s done.

  2. What Fun I had! I assumed it was connected with a Italy visit. And I will be there in March and will look for the floor tile. My plans for the Venice block will be as a coordinating pillow with a quilt I just recently finished. I will post them together after the New Year.

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