Honey for Christmas

Almost a year ago I ran into a quilter’s stash in a flea market.There was some great quality cotton there, but also lots of craft fabric.

I wanted to finally use some of this fabric as it is just sitting in boxes, not doing much. As I have been revisiting some of my own older patterns for the F2F swap I also wanted to use a pattern that didn’t really fit the Swap requirements for size. So I came up with a plan to create a Christmas pillow for myself using the Honey Honey pattern. I have made a pillow with it before, but that was gifted to my brother.


My plan of attack was a bit more organized than normal, and I have to say that I really like how things went. No mistakes with fabric placement! The pattern consists of two units which are each others mirror image in shape, but not in color placement. So I first selected one set of units to work on before continuing to the second unit.

This is one of the units which consists of two parts.


The two parts are lined up with the registration marks on the pattern. When the first pile of unit 1 was all done, I started working on unit 2. As you can see in the above pictures, the pattern gives you a solid colored areas and dotted areas. Each of these stand for a different color fabric. When you are consistent with using the same fabric for the solids / dotted areas, 3D effect in the pattern will reveal itself once pieced!

I used a tray to keep organized.

I placed one of each of the units side by side and pieced them together.


Then I created more of these sets. One of the sets then needs to be turned up side down and pieced together.


In total I put 4 of these block together and pieced them to form a pillow sized quilt top.

I experimented with a silver metallic thread for the Stitch in the Ditch work. It turned out kind of great I think. I love the very subtle sparkle! I know it is weird, but taking the weird route sometimes pays off! I quilted the red with pebbles and the white with a small feather.


I added a recessed zipper at the back and added a 20 x 20 inch pillow form.

I took some other Christmas W.I.P.s and turned them into pillows too, all with recessed zippers. It looks so good on my couch!

As you can see from my pictures, the pattern itself is not very complex to piece, but the result looks like it was rocket science, right?!

If you want to see more projects made with the Honey Honey pattern, please click:

I wish you all a fabulous holiday and a happy New Year!

Hugs and kisses



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11 thoughts on “Honey for Christmas

    • I think that this pattern is one op my top favorites. It took a lot of brainpower to get this pattern to work, and I was very proud when it was all done. I do hope that more people try it out!!!

      • I’m waiting for one of your more simple ones! Kate is trying to get me into paper piecing and has sent me a little tutorial that I’m going to try out in the new year so you never know….

  1. It looks incredibly complicated and the result is eye-popping. It all looks very festive. Wonderful work and I like how you combine business meetings with creativity.

  2. I’ve had this pattern on my Craftsy wishlist for quite a while now. I guess it’s about time I purchase it! I love how this looks in Christmas fabric, and that green print is beautiful!

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