Oodles of doodles – part 3

The drawing bug has bitten me again!

My mind wandered while attending meetings last week. Parts of these meetings did not concern me, so I allowed my mind to come up with freemotion quilting designs

Even between meetings I got my markers out. It helped me relaxed so much more than mindlessly chatting to various people.

The Christmas wreaths on display all over town inspired me to this one!

This rather more dramatic drawing I drew up while watching tv in the evening, as was the last one!

For more doodles:

Do you enjoy drawing freemotion quilting designs too?







4 thoughts on “Oodles of doodles – part 3

  1. I suspect I’d enjoy it if I had any hope at all of achieving something like the drawing! I can draw quite well, but my FMQ is still not a thing of beauty… My favourite is the wreath with the cross-hatched background.

  2. These are just like some of the beautiful designs you see in the ‘adult’ colouring books popular now as an anti-stress activity. I like occasionally colouring some in but that’s as close as I could possibly get to producing something as gorgeous – either on paper or on a quilt 😦

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