Christmas Eve

It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon here and it has been a busy day already. The next couple of days will be filled with family and friends, so this is a precious day alone where I can organize, clean up and pack my things before leaving the house.

While going through my ‘stuff’ in the sewing room I picked up the stack of my June F2F swap blocks. The lure of pretty blocks!

It was time to lay them out on the floor and see what they all looked like together. I am not sure yet on how large I want this quilt to become. The bigger it will be, the more problems I will have getting it quilted. Even if I use the Quilt As You Go technique, it will be a beast… a pretty beast… but still a beast!

The blocks are very pretty together. I am very happy with them.

Anyway, my cat thought that is was the best place to sunbathe.

This week I thought I would loose her. Her bloodwork was not right (“off the charts”), she was not eating well, etc. Luckily she is now on the mend with some antibiotics and different kind of food. Emotional days!

Well, she is back to her old self again, as you can see!


This morning I finally finished a baby quilt that I started about a month ago. The baby has just been born, so I can gift this pretty quilt in January.

I had asked the mother what kind of colors she liked and she said that the new baby girl’s things were all purple, but the baby’s room itself had lots of red and blue.

The top itself was pretty easy with the squares and I quilted it with some freehand feathers.

A light grey binding finishes it off!

I adore the strawberry fabric on the back. I am glad I bought more than a meter at the market!

I also kind of finished a project that I have been working on, on and off this year.

Ann from Springleaf Studios organized a quilt along using a Drunkard’s Path block. As I have never sat down and tried curved piecing for real (when I knew what I was doing at least). I participated in an effort to learn new techniques. I have learned a lot. First of all, I like figuring things out by myself. I used a different technique for putting the blocks together (no pins, but a gluestick). I also tackled the pressing of the seams differently . I ” twirled”  them instead of opening the seam. Secondly, there is a place and time for kitschy fabrics, LOL! You may recognize some fabrics from my Christmas pillow that I also finished this week. All the fabric came from the same source.


I used a glue stick before sewing the pieces together. It worked for me.

Yep, all Christmas kitschy fabrics! And some truly cute and pretty Christmas fabrics!

One of my favorite blocks.

See how I pressed the seams to the side and twirling the centre? I hope that it will make quilting easy enough.

And this week…

Yay, the nine blocks are all done!

Next year I will add borders to enlarge it to a lap quilt size… hopefully it won’t take until December 2016 to finish this! 🙂


Dear quilty friends,

Thank you for your support, your business, your advice, your kind words, your virtual hugs and true friendship!

I wish you a very happy holiday season and a fabulous New Year!!!

Hugs and kisses


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17 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Your post couldn’t have been lovelier!!!! The Christmas Drunkard’s Path is gorgeous and lends itself to awesome quilting!!!! The sampler will be a size challenge but oh so gorgeous!!!!! Kitty is the perfect addition to the ensemble!!! Christmas hugs comin’ your way……your gift of friendship is a treasure to me!!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Esther! Your cat is so so beautiful and the photos very good! I really love your sampler blocks! x Teje

  3. Love seeing your finished Drunkard’s Path. Kitschy and Christmas to together rather well. Thanks for playing along with me. Have a very very Merry Merry Christmas Esther.

  4. I’ll be so interested to see how you decide to go about quilting your F2F blocks. I’m rather daunted by the task too and was considering ‘quilt as you go’.
    All your own blocks are delicious and I absolutely love the baby quilt – the colours are gorgeous.
    I’m glad your cat is feeling better – it’s so upsetting when animals are ‘off colour’ because they can’t tell you what’s hurting. She is looking lovely now though.
    Merry Christmas to you.

    • Merry Christmas to you too!!!
      So happy that my cat is feeling better, as I was really worried. She is over 13 years old, the “old cat people ailments” are arriving… LOL! she sleeps a lot, but she is still very cuddly and sweet. I believe she is the best cat ever!
      I will think about the quilt construction a bit more. I will let you know what I decide!

    • Thank you Claire!
      Yes I will be moving the blocks around some more! 😄 My design wall is not big enough, so I will be using the floor some more. The poinsettia was exactly what we were going for! Well spotted!
      Happy holiday!

  5. Thank you so much for playing with your F2F blocks! It’s exciting for me because this is the first time I’ve seen all the blocks together in one place apart from in the gallery. They do work well together, don’t they? I’ve decided to go with QAYG for mine, because it gives me an opportunity to quilt each one differently and improve my skills. Who knows… I may even get better at FMQ! Have a wonderful Christmas, dear Esther, and let’s see what fun and happiness 2016 brings!

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  7. Love the pointsettia block! I can relate re: the kitschy fabrics, I have a whole stack of Christmas themes ones I am determined to use up before the next one rolls around.

    • Great idea to try to use up these fabrics! I think I need a bigger house to showcase all of my Christmas projects if I did the same, ha ha! My stack seems endless! I think I might make some stockings and try selling those next year. That would use up quite some yardage fairly quickly, right?! 🙂
      Bye bye

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