Seeing stars

WOOOOWWW…. my social media just exploded today after posting about the F2f blocks. The response on Facebook and Instagram is unbelievable. The members of the Facebook groups called ‘Quilting‘  and “For the Love of Paper Piecing‘ have been so incredibly kind. They are commenting with their best wishes for our Miss May and telling their stories about hospice care.

These quilters have not only been commenting on FB or IG, but also have been visiting my blog. I am so glad that this topic has brought them to my post and I hope that the links will be of use for them.

It is all a bit overwhelming.

Not only has my last blogpost become my most visited post ever… but today my bog has reached a 1000 likes (wordpress) and 100.000 likes since I began blogging 3 years ago. This weekend is my blogaversary.

Again I am glad that the previous blogpost is the one to help me reach this milestone as it totally incapsulates what quilting is about for me: COMMUNITY!


To celebrate our community, blogging in general and all the talk of fabric specifically I have created two new foundation paper piecing patterns. The patterns are FREE to download on Craftsy.

Both the patterns come in a 10″ and 12″ block.

Pattern ‘Nova’:


Link to Craftsy.


Pattern ‘Out There’:


Link to Craftsy.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your blocks from these patterns!

Please send me pictures!

Thank you dear friends, for sticking with me, commenting from your heart and helping me stay creative!







31 thoughts on “Seeing stars

  1. Congratulations, and well done for making a few more people aware of ovarian cancer. I think our friend would like to hear about the support you have received… maybe an email to her?

  2. The link for “Out There” is still the “Nova” block, can you fix this? Thanks in advance .I love patterns!

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  3. I love your blocks and I am very sorry if your upset about me joining a group to quilt and hoping I live long enough to finish it on my good days, I am the one in hospices care, but have always wanted to quilt. I and sorry again if I angered you, I just fill its important to say the truth right up when I ask to join, I have to say good by to my children and husband and grandchildren, I pray for GOD’S healing hand but his will not mine. may god bless you, I have been collecting your blocks for a while now, there beautiful, I am sorry I don’t let people know that enough so please except my apologies

    • Hello Penny,

      I am so sorry, but I don’t really understand your comment. It may be a language thing. I am sorry for not understanding you. Could you please explain? Did I say something wrong? English is not my native language.

      My blog post was about being overwhelmed by all the comments on social media. It was an emotional day. I am glad that more people hear about ovarian cancer and the charity project in Houston.

      I wanted to celebrate the community of quilters by offering them some free patterns.


      • Hi Esther, I have left a comment for Penny to confirm that she is not the person you were writing about. There are so many people in the world in the same situation, and misunderstandings happen. Please do not let it upset you. You have written a great blog post, and there is nothing for anyone to find wrong in it.
        Big hug, Kate xxxx

        • I am so sorry, it was my mistake, you did nothing wrong, I am very sensitive these days, as I am 52 and dying and I thought it was me that you were angry at. I am so, so sorry for my mistake. may GOD bless you and your family and please forgive me..

          • Dear Penny,
            I am not angry at all. The blog post states that I was overwhelmed by all of the LOVE we quilters have for our friends. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful community that transcends things like cultural background, the country we live in and our age.I am so blessed to be part of this large group of people who share their passion and their hardship. I count you as being amongst that group.
            I am so sorry to hear that you are so ill. I am so sorry that you are suffering. I hope that you can be with the people you love and those we take care of you.
            I will be thinking about you too when I light the candle tonight.

          • Thank you for your kind words and prayers, I am so sorry and glad you are not mad, I am in hospices care and I have my youngest son in the day and hubby at night. I have been very blessed so as short of time I get, I can say that GOD has seen me through them all, and I only had one thing on my bucket list, and God is allowing it to happen, my children got me a first class flight to Las Vegas, Las Vegas was a bonus, I had a first class flight just so I could see how it felt , now I pray I make it there, as I am noticing my body is starting to not behave. Thank you again and God bless always.

          • Penny, Esther was not angry at anyone, except perhaps the bad luck that is taking our friend away. You have nothing to be sorry for, it was a misunderstanding. I have had my own brush with near-death at your age, and understand how it makes you vulnerable. I wish you peace and freedom from pain. Hugs, Kate

    • Dear Penny, as one of the organisers of the group, I must tell you that you are not the person Esther was speaking about, hence her confusion. I’m very sad to hear that you are also in a hospice, so many of us these days are losing dear friends and having the experience of having to say goodbye to them. I will add you to my prayers as well as our F2F friend and relatives of the other F2F ladies. Kate Chiconi ((o))

      • Thank you so much for your kindness, I find it very hard to say goodbye to my children and grand children and hubby and of course my brothers and sisters, but the hardest one is my youngest son, he has no one but me and he is schizophrenic , so I am trying to get a good support group set up for him because he is more like a 15 yr old then a 30 yr old man, I don’t have fear as I know our Lord will be meeting me, its just to hard to say GOOD by. thank you again, God bless

  4. Love your blocks. When I download the pattern ” Out There”, I get the Nova and not “Out There”. When downloading “Nova”, I get Nova. Hopefully you can fix this. Thanks

  5. They are breath taken ly beautiful, and I have them all sitting in my cart, waiting for my next check, you are very talented artist and of course this is the one I want to make for hubby, be fore I am returned back with Jesus. think you again for all your talent. GOD bless’

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