Quiltish – Pompeian quilts

Right after Christmas a friend and I took off and spend 5 days in Rome. We have been there many times and we had decided to undertake some new adventures.

On our first day in Italy we went to Pompeii by train. The city houses the large Roman excavation of the town of Pompeii which was buried after the volcano Vesuvius exploded in 79 AD. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is an art lovers paradise!

It is still about a 3 hour trip from Rome to get there, but so worth it.

The weather was absolutely wonderful!

My friend who has been to Pompeii lots of times told me she hadn’t seen it this busy. I guess that all the Italian people who were off from work for the holidays also thought it would be a good day to spend outside.

And as any quilter would, I kind of obsessed over all the gorgeous mosaic floors… LOL!

Pompeian stone quilts!

How about paper piecing this next intricate design?

And the Romans even did a ticker tape or confetti design in their floors!

And here is the best one for last…

The mosaic man should have drank the Roman equivalent of coffee before he started on this on! I spotted it right away…

Can you spot the mistake in the layout???






21 thoughts on “Quiltish – Pompeian quilts

  1. Found it! Maybe that was the artist’s ‘humility’ block!! And, I bet those Pompeian artists thought they were the ‘modern’ artist of their day.

    It also looks like some of my favorite quilters/designers — Geta Grama, Sherri Lynn Wood, Jenny Beyer — may have some ‘roots’ in Pompeii!

    • Well, we are all human, that is for sure! This mistake is just a very permanent one, ha ha!
      Thanks for mentioning these designers/quilters. I want to learn more!!!
      Bye Bye

  2. Okay, so he switched 2 pieces. What quilter hasn’t done this. At least we can easily correct our mistakes. But it is a beautiful work of art, as are all of the mosaics. It’s amazing how designs we use in quilting are present in art that old.

    • Yes, that is really amazing! The mosaic just makes me feel: “Okay, if a Roman can make a mistake like this in a permanent floor… it is okay for me to make one in a quilt!”
      Bye bye

  3. Hard to miss, right in the middle of the border! But you know, you have to be looking for it, because even with two elements transposed, this is a very harmonious design. You’ve got lots of inspiration there for quilt blocks – are we going to see Esther’s Pompeii quilt one of these days?

    • I think that is exactly what he must have told his boss! 🙂 I believe that is also why it has not been fixed. It is not an eyesore!
      A Pompeii quilt? Mmm, maybe… First let me tackle some block ideas from other mosaics in Rome.
      I have got one already lined up!

  4. Oops, I think he might have imbibed in too much red wine! Thank you so much for these wonderful pics. My husband and I went to Pompeii 11 years ago on our big overseas trip and I LOVED it! Your post has brought back some lovely memories. Fancy being able to “pop over” to Italy for a few days – (sigh!)

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I had wanted to go for so long… So glad I got to see it on such a lovely day. I too will remember it for ever and ever.
      Bye bye

  5. Hi Esther! I can imagine how wonderful trip you had! Those tiles and mosaics look fantastic giving lots of inspiration to our quilting! x Teje

  6. I did the same thing when we were in Portugal, spotting pretty tile patterns everywhere. Drove my boyfriend crazy. I still intend to make something inspired using those pictures as inspiration. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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