Roman Steps – mosaic quilt

As promissed some more mosaic inspiration for us quilters!

BUT…. in this blog post I will only share ONE picture of a floor mosaic. The particular picture has inspired me to play around with EQ7 this evening.

I am not attempting to write a quilt pattern, just inspiring you! I am sure that you can figure out the pattern for this design if you wished to use a different size block.

This is a mosaic from the crypt of one of the churches in Rome. I really couldn’t tell you which one… we have been to see so many! ūüėČ

Don’t you agree this patterns looks very similar to an Irish chain quilt?

Here is the same pattern drawn up in EQ7:

I am calling this design ‘Roman Steps’ because of the steps I had to go down to reach this beautiful mosaic and the¬†diagonal lines created by¬†the squares.

The pattern consist of 2 blocks. Each block is like a nine patch, but can be constructed with rectangles and squares. In the quilt drawings the design still looks like a nine patch, but in the construction drawings (underneath) I have altered it to the use of the rectangles for quick piecing.

If you wanted to,¬†you could even sew a 4,5″ strip WOF to a 2,5″ strip WOF and later subcut to AB units, etc!


BLOCK 1, example of 6 inch block:



BLOCK 2, example of 6 inch block:

Blocks 1 and 2 alternate per row.

Block 2 is turned 90 degrees.


I couldn’t help but play around with the colors of the blocks. As many of you are working on Valentines projects, I put some red hearts in this quilt design.

And a lovely red, blue and white one of course!

I am having lots of fun looking at the ancient mosaic designs from Roman and early Christian times.

I have been working on another quilt design, a paper piecing pattern this time, also based on mosaics. I hope to be able to share with you soon!






7 thoughts on “Roman Steps – mosaic quilt

  1. I’d be taking the short cut: three dark and three light 2.5″ strips, sew dark light dark and then light dark light and subcut into squares! Given my talent for things not lining up properly, that’s the best way for me to achieve just a bit more accuracy! It’s a great pattern; the scale is different, but it reminds me a bit of the block called Burgoyne Surrounded, just as it reminds you of Irish Chain.

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