Saint’s Star – mosaic quilts

All over the churches of Rome you can find this star.

This particular example was part of a cross inset in a sarcophagus.

Again, don’t ask me where in Rome this can be found…. I don’t remember!

It is mesmerizing, don’t you agree?

I  did spot the same design somewhere else too, but in a different color way. The picture is kind of blurry, but that is what you get when you visit dark crypts and museum’s cellar rooms!

I have tried to turn this star shape into a paper piecing pattern for you. Another FREE one!


It is not exactly the same as the star in the pictures, as that can only be achieved with inset seams or the English Paper Piecing technique. Hey, I don’t have to do want I don’t feel like, right? So…. I did it my way, ha ha!

Here is a drawing of part horizontal part of the cross and the drawing of the blurry picture:

The star can look very different once you change the colors!

Once you start repeating the block you get lovely secondary patterns.

This last one really surprised me: It looks like a rosebush with flowers and buds!

As you have read above, this pattern is FREE!

You can download it from Craftsy here.

I would love to see your versions of this block. Please send me a picture or tag me on Instagram!

I am of to count the stars… sleep tight!









13 thoughts on “Saint’s Star – mosaic quilts

  1. Hi Esther:

    Stunning and inspirational work. Your creativity knows no bounds.
    What was interesting are the colors and how they can evoke very different reactions to your work. The last one with the rozebuds made me think of spring. FLOWER POWER.

  2. Clever AND generous! That is a lovely star pattern, and I think it’s a great idea to use designs from history; there’s no rule that it has to be recent history, and nothing that says it must be fabric. There’s inspiration in everything we see every day. The skill lies in recognising it and interpreting it.

  3. I love your version Esther and how generous to offer the pattern. I love all your patterns so much I really must knuckle down and give some paper piecing a try. Maybe once I’ve finished putting the tutorials I’ve been reading on Quilt As You Go into practice with my F2F quilt.

    • Hi!

      I think this pattern is a gentle patten to start with. All of the pieces of fabric are can be cut from squares (diagonally cut to form triangles) The yellow version of the star even has a solid centre! Yay for quick piecing!

      If you need help, please let me know!


  4. What a great design this is! I would love to incorporate it on a quilt and can’t wait to start. The link to Craftsy for a free pattern doesn’t come up with it??? What to do? Thanks.

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