In december I shared my F2F blocks for that month. I spoke about writing some foundation paper piecing patterns in January. This picture above is the Humming pattern, the first of those new patterns. The block is inspired by humming birds and their pointy beaks and fluttering wings.

Let me introduce you to this gorgeous block.

Or put the blocks on repeat to create a quilt.

This next drawing is for someone who remarked on Facebook that the block made her think of corn cobs. I am sorry, but there is no way I am going to find that post amongst the thousands of new ones and help me identify that person. If it was you, please comment here again! You inspired this drawing.

The fun thing with this block is that when you turn the units of this pattern around you can create a whole new block!


And of course a pretty block inspired by hearts!

And flowers too!

How about these quilts for a WOW-factor?

The pattern pdf is large! It has 50 pages of patterns and inspiration pictures like the ones above.

The piecing is not particularly hard, there are just many pieces in each block!

The pattern is available on Craftsy. ( Please let me know if you prefer to use Etsy, I am willing to upload it there.)

Go to Craftsy by clicking here.

Information on the block:

  • The block was inspired by nature, specifically by humming birds.
  • The piecing is not difficult, but there just many pieces. A bit of experience with the technique is desired.
  • The pattern document includes coloring pages for the blocks and quilts.
  • Fabric requirements are NOT provided.
  • The pattern suits itself for a pillow or mini quilt. It could even be the centre of a medallion quilt. And in repeat the block creates wonderful secondary patterns!
  • The block comes is 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″ inches.
  • If you want to create a 20″ pillow with a single block I suggest you use the 16″ block.  Add a border around the block to come to 20″. This way the crisp points in the pattern are still visible on the front of the pillow and are not hidden in the curve of the pillow.

If you have ever used one of my patterns, would you please send me a picture of your blocks? I would love to showcase some of your work!!! My email address is on the right, underneath the large red, white and blue logo.

Thank you!


P.s. Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilt for Finish it Friday! 



15 thoughts on “Humming

    • Good morning Kate!
      Thank you very much! I was really surprised how much the pattern changed when the units were turned. Playing around with the printed pieces of the pattern really helped come up with this different block.
      I hope to start on a mini of this block for myself soon.

    • Goodmorning Jeneta!
      I adore how the EQ7 program lets us play with the colors and fabrics. It is instant gratification and play… after that I only have to select the ones I like best. I am glad I bought the software, but there is still so much to learn. I should really set myself down and get studying, ha ha!
      Have a lovely Saturday!

  1. Hi Esther! Wow this is a fantastic block! It surely gives the idea of humming bird. There are millions of ways to use and mix it! x Teje

    • Thank you very much Teje!
      I always try to create blocks that can be used in more than one way. This pattern actually surprised me with all the possibilities! So happy that you like it too!
      Have fabulous day!

    • Ha ha Lynn, yeah sure there is…. I can’t sing for the life of me, ha ha! I can’t play an instrument without loosing my melody and playing along with the person sitting next to me… I am rubbish at poetry… and I can’t tell a joke without losing the punch line!
      No really, I just play around with the software and come up with pretty pictures! The f2f project has put me back into by designing seat. I am enjoying the ride!

    • Hey Jasmine!
      I can’t wait too! I have so many plans, just waiting for some fabric to arrive. It is not like I don’t have fabric to start with… there is plenty here in my sewing room. I just want to see which colors work better. A bit more patience on my part!
      I am thinking to do a 18″ mini which would give me some room for FMQ. I have the paper units in front of me and the feel huge! Somehow it becoming a mini makes is feel bigger than if I was making a pillow, weird he?
      Have a ‘fabric petting, and sewing” day!

  2. This block is awesome! I love how you turned one of your reader’s comments into a reality with the corn cob quilt! I hope whoever that was comes on your blog and notices what you have done. I put this block on my Craftsy wishlist earlier this morning, before reading your post. Now that I know it comes with all the inspiration pictures, I just may buy it soon. I need that kind of help 🙂

    • Hello Kathleen!
      Thank you for sharing you like the pattern so much. When you start working on your block, and you have questions, please let me know! I am willing to help you with your design!

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